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IICLE is an Illinois company providing continuing education to attorneys in the state of Illinois. One of IICLE’s primary offerings is a suite of video-based seminars delivered over the web. From surveying their users, IICLE determined that as time goes by, their users are becoming increasingly mobile. Given the demands placed on an attorney’s time, it made perfect sense to make their product available to their users in a mobile-friendly format.

IICLE approached Float with a specific technical challenge, asking for strategy and a plan for delivering their legal education videos to their customers’ smartphones. Float worked closely with IICLE to understand all aspects of the problem and propose a solution that worked for the vast majority of the audience.

Float assessed the audience’s base mobile phone configurations and discovered the media types and encoding settings that would work for the widest array of users. Float then worked with IICLE staff to propose a workflow for their staff that would allow the mobile videos to be produced with minimal extra effort on their part while ensuring a solid mobile video format. After the production pipeline was completed, Float determined the proper video server infrastructure needed to supply the level of service needed to meet the demand of thousands of users accessing the content on their Blackberries, iOS devices and Android phones.

Technical tests were very successful. Playback of one-hour long files on over a dozen different mobile configurations, all from the same server, was met as a target for high-level mobile delivery. With the additional workflow only requiring 2 new additional production steps and faster than real-time video encoding for machine time, the complete process was optimized for IICLE resulting in a wide-range of mobile video products for their customers.

IICLE will now be able to deliver thousands of hours of content to wireless users for their peak usage period this summer.

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On February 8, 2011
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