The mLearning Bullet Train

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When those of us at Float are interacting with colleagues or clients and talking about the impact of mobile learning, we often comment that the change from eLearning to mLearning is the greatest change in the way we learn that we have ever experienced (no need for a printing press remarks in the comments section). Recently, Ben Keighran ran an eye-opening article at TechCrunch that sheds light on just how powerful the mobile impact has become. The ubiquity of mobile, as represented in the stats and figures he shares, speaks volumes about how mobile learning will be the predominate way of learning sooner than we think. Mobile Learning is on a bullet train and shows no signs of slowing down.

Ben asks, “Will mobile applications and the technologies that support them change the way people communicate, get information and do business to the degree that the web did starting in 1996?” and his answer is yes. We have to agree. You wont have to train your learners how to use your mobile device because they will have been using it (or something like it) daily for months or even years. And if you design your learning to be optimized for mobile, you won’t even have to show them how to use it. They will know intuitively.

How fast is mobile growing? Look at this chart from Mary Meeker at the last Web 2.0 Summit that shows how devices with just the Apple iOS have grown in the first two dozen quarters of their existence compared to other technologies. The difference is striking.

The good news is that there are powerful new ways for audiences to learn that can make your training more effective than ever. The startling news is that the technology is changing so rapidly and becoming so prevalent you can’t sit idly by and wonder how it might affect you.  Take advantage of mobile before the bullet train leaves you behind.

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Scott McCormick is a founding partner of Float. Building on more than 30 years of experience in training, eLearning, and mLearning efforts for Fortune 500 companies, Scott helps companies embrace new learning strategies and deliver results. Scott is in charge of client relationships with global leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and insurance, and is instrumental in building new business and contributing to Float’s thought leadership efforts. Scott is featured in Float’s latest book, “Mastering Mobile Learning,” available from Wiley and ASTD Press.

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On February 25, 2011
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