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Via Mashable – “Find the Future: The Game” is set to gear up at The New York Public Library, which became the first public library to also provide a Foursquare badge last week. It’s clear they are on a mission to shatter conceptions of what a library can be. Float is excited to see this development.

Check this video out.

From the game’s site: “Starting May 21, 2011 anyone, anywhere in the world can play Find the Future — by visiting the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building in New York City, or by logging into the game site at nypl.org/game.”

Given the somewhat glum report from NPR yesterday regarding the ongoing tussle between libraries and publishers, this is an exciting development indeed. The closing comment on that article at NPR is especially fitting, we think.

“Libraries have always been thought of as a kind of “temple of books” … a place you can go to for peace and quiet, a place to read and think. They are intricate part of the fabric that pulls a community together. But if they are to be relevant in the future they will have to make space for themselves in the digital community as well.”

Nice work, New York Public Library. You have definitely made a space for yourselves.

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