Prototyping on a Shoestring with Virtually No Tech Skills!

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This was originally presented at mLearnCon 2011 by Float’s Chad Udell. The session sparked a lively discussion at the end. Obviously as people move from eLearning to mobile, there has been some confusion as to how to easily prototype your content for use on a mobile device.

Chad also presented a similar session at mLearning DevCon 2011.

Some key takeaways:

  • Prototyping is a way to prevent issues down the road, ultimately leading to less expense, not more
  • Prototyping can be easy and inexpensive to start out with
  • Mobile websites and apps can be prototyped with a high level of functional and visual fidelity without have to write a line of code

Take a look at the presentation:

The Session Description

Originally posted at mLearnCon 2011 event site.

ELearning developers are used to being able to use Rapid eLearning Development tools to rapidly build and prototype eLearning materials. In the mobile world, these tools are a bit different and have their own constraints and implementation considerations. Development of mobile apps can be a tricky, specialized skill set. If you are new to this world, the barrier to entry likely overwhelms you.

Participants in this session will explore several prototyping paths and the tools and techniques used to accomplish them. You’ll get in-depth case studies to see real world examples from major industry-leading clients. You’ll learn how to build rich prototypes for various mobile platforms without breaking the bank, and many of the techniques may be applicable to final implementation depending on your needs.

In this session, you will learn:
• How to meet budget and scheduling constraints in prototyping
• How to leverage existing skills in building demos
• How to go to management with a winning prototype
• Getting the wow factor

Float would love to know how you are producing easy to use, great looking prototypes. Any tips you can share?

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Chad Udell is the Managing Partner, strategy and new product development, at Float. There he leads his design and development teams to successful outcomes and award-winning work via a strong background in both disciplines and a singular focus on quality. He has worked with industry-leading Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to design and develop experiences for 20 years. Chad is recognized as an expert in mobile design and development, and he speaks regularly at national and international events and conferences on related topics. Chad is author of Learning Everywhere: How Mobile Content Strategies Are Transforming Training and co-editor and chapter author, with Gary Woodill, of Mastering Mobile Learning: Tips and Techniques for Success. His newest book, Shock of the New, co-authored with Gary Woodill was released in April of 2019.

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