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Ever needed to show a room full of people a website or a document, but you didn’t know an easy way to do it? So have we. That’s why we developed RabbleBrowser™.

What is RabbleBrowser?

RabbleBrowser is a unique app for the iPad that brings you and your team local connectedness through a shared and curated Web browsing experience. It lets you browse the Web with your collaborators along for the ride. As the host, you facilitate what your audience sees and you guide them through your bookmarks and browsing session. Members of your audience can privately share URLs with you, as well, for reciprocal browsing. Integrated group and leader-to-client private chat allows for flexible and easy conversing.

How do I use it?

All you need to use RabbleBrowser is at least two iPads – one for the host and one for an audience member – and a common WiFi or Bluetooth connection. There are no extra cables or wires and there is no need to plug anything in. No registration or authentication with third-party services is required, and no subscription charges or in-app purchases are ever needed. Simply launch the app, create a session and others on your network can join right in and get started.

What else is RabbleBrowser useful for?

In addition to meeting room scenarios, RabbleBrowser is great for conference sessions where a speaker might want to show you something or when a teacher wants to illustrate a lesson to his or her students. Both situations let each audience member take an active role in learning.

How much does RabbleBrowser cost?

The app is available to download from the App Store for $1.99. This low price is less than many other collaborative tools or alternative web browsers on iOS, but includes a great mix of features.

What is planned for future releases?

We are very close to releasing a new version of RabbleBrowser. In the next product revision, we plan to include functionality with Dropbox, document sideloading and integrated photo sharing, bringing a robust set of features for collaborative sharing and presentation tools to all RabbleBrowser users.

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On July 13, 2011
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  1. Curt Schampers says:

    How can I get RabbleBrowser for my iPads? It looks exactly like what I’m looking for!

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