DevLearn 2011: Thought Leader Interviews

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I continued my four-year tradition of interviewing thought leaders again this year at DevLearn 2011. It is always a conference highlight for me. What better way to capture what is going on in the learning community than to sit down with people who are doing great work? I do not pre-script my questions for my interviews. I try and simply start a conversation and it goes from there. It is a privilege to sit down and have these conversations with these esteemed industry experts and I truly enjoy getting a chance to speak openly with them about their work and the industry at large.

This year, I tried something new and left my heavy high-end gear at home and conducted the interviews on my new iPhone 4S. The video quality is fantastic for a phone. I decided to try this only a few days before the conference and attempted to get all the gear I needed. I ordered a tripod mount for the iPhone. It worked okay, but it’s not secure enough if you are planning to move around. I added a piece of Velcro to ensure the phone did not fall out when I moved from place to place.

I also attempted to improve the audio of the internal mic, but due to lack of time, I failed to find the right solution. The mic on the iPhone works okay, but it is really pointed in the wrong direction for video. It’s located on the bottom of the phone because it is positioned for the phone use in voice calls. The result was that because I was close to the phone, I sounded loud and clear, but the subject of the video came in a bit soft. I have since solved this by ordering a special piece of audio gear by Fostex (the AR-4i) that allows for external microphones. The audio quality is fantastic on the Fostex. It comes with two microphones but you can plug in any microphone to such as a wireless or shotgun mic. Be sure to check back next time I post some interviews to see the improvements.

David Holcombe

President & CEO at The eLearning Guild, @GuildMeister

David Holcombe and I discuss the how DevLearn is about the community, not the guild. They are the framework and facilitator for learning.

B.J. Schone

Senior Learning Technology Specialist at Qualcomm, @bjschone

I was excited to catch up with BJ to talk about what Qualcomm’s learning and development department is doing in the area of social learning. Some great insights from B.J. on keeping learners engaged in learning programs.

Neil Lasher

The Learning Coach & founder of Phone2Know, @NeilLasher

I caught Neil in the hallway just before he stepped on stage to rock his Ignite presentation for the closing session. With the buzz on Siri and using voice for learning and performance support, I though I should chat with Neil, who has some experience with voiceovers for learning on a mobile device. Neil has a solution called Phone2Know that can deliver a voice conversation with contextual information.

Henry Ryng

President, Inxsol

I talk with Henry Ryng about his award-winning first responders course, Blue Card®, which won Best Compliance Course at DevLearn. Henry and his team have created some of the best simulation-based courses out there.

Koreen Olbrish

CEO of Tandem Learning, @KoreenOlbrish

Yes, it is true. Tandem has some exciting news. Koreen talks about Tandem’s recent merger, and how games and learning are all the rage.

Brandon Carson

Senior manager of learning and development at Yahoo!, @shemp65

I knew Yahoo! was up to something. Check out my conversation with Brandon to find out what.

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Jeff Tillett

Jeff Tillett has been working with computers and Internet technologies for nearly twenty years starting as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. A survivor of the Internet boom, Jeff assisted many startups to successfully build business and ecommerce ventures. His first involvement in instructional design was as a developer for a distance learning Internet start-up. There Jeff and his team crafted a custom LMS as well as all of the content that went in it. Discovering he had a passion and knack for learning design, Jeff has worked for a number of companies as an Interactive Learning Developer and Instructional Designer including T-Mobile USA and Microsoft. At T-Mobile, Jeff lead a group known as the Innovation Team that advocated and piloted emerging learning technologies for the organization. There he built expertise in mobile delivery and design and bring that knowledge to Float as a Mobile Learning Strategist.

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