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Float Mobile Learning’s experts are back Dec. 14 with another free webinar in the Mobile Learning Conversations series. This time, they’ll focus on case studies in mobile learning.

Jeff Tillett and Dr. Gary Woodill, Ed.D., in previous sessions have discussed the importance of instructional design and return on investment in mobile learning. In this upcoming webinar, which takes place Wednesday, Dec. 14, at 1 p.m. Eastern / 12 p.m. Central, Jeff and Gary will look at examples of great mobile learning strategies, the business needs they fulfilled, and their results.

“The session is important as a way of mitigating risk for those who are pioneers in an organization and want to develop mobile learning,” Gary said. “We are helping them answer two questions: Who is doing this stuff? What results are they getting?”

This webinar will first take a look at the drivers of mobile learning. In other words, why are companies and universities using mobile devices to learn?

The experts will then look at a few types of people who benefit from mobile learning before delving into the cases. Many of the cases Gary will present come from his book, The Mobile Learning Edge, though he’ll also be discussing research he’s been conducting for Float in the fields of medicine and health. Jeff will look at cases from Clark Quinn’s book, Designing mLearning, about his work at T-Mobile.

“We had some great examples of easy ways to test the waters in mobile by supplementing or supporting other types or more traditional learning,” Jeff said. “These examples will help those who maybe intimidated by building an app or restrained by budgets.”

Jeff also has examples of user-generated content and suggested talking about curation. “Mobile devices are great tools for bringing external knowledge into the organization that can be shared back to leadership and employees,” he said.

Unlike other webinars, participants are encouraged to be a part of the conversation by using the chat window. Jeff and Gary plot their road map of hot topics to hit, but they don’t rehearse or script these webinars in any fashion.

Anybody who is looking to champion mobile learning in their organizations should attend this webinar, Gary said. He and Jeff are also looking for people who have implemented mobile learning to share their stories with the group.

Join us on Dec. 14 at 1/12 p.m. EST/CST to learn more about case studies in mobile learning>>

About Gary Woodill

Dr. Gary Woodill, Ed.D. is a senior analyst for Float and is located near Toronto, Canada. Woodill is also the CEO and senior analyst at i5 Research, as well as the author of The Mobile Learning Edge. Woodill spent 20 years in academia before heading into the corporate world, where he developed and researched eLearning technology for a number of companies.

About Jeff Tillett

Jeff Tillett, who is based in the Seattle area, is a mobile strategist for Float. He has more than 20 years’ expertise in instructional design, consulting, eLearning design and development. Prior to joining Float, Tillett was a senior instructional designer, developer and innovation evangelist for T-Mobile.

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Adam Bockler is the communications manager for Float, responsible for all of Float's marketing initiatives. In addition, Adam is a certified DDP Yoga Level 1 instructor, a certified personal trainer, a martial arts instructor, and a graduate of the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy.

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  1. […] FREE Webinar: Case Studies in Mobile Learning: Float Mobile Learning Float Mobile Learning's experts are back Dec. 14 with another free webinar in the Mobile Learning Conversations series. This time, they'll focus on case studies in mobile learning. Jeff Tillett and Dr. Source: […]

  2. Martin Brown says:

    Can you make a recording of this presentation available post-event? I’m based in Australia and therefore because of the time diference I won’t be able to view the live event.

    Cheers, Martin.

    • Adam Bockler says:


      We’ll get a recording of the session. I also plan on writing a blog about the webinar afterward that I’ll publish later this week or early next, so you can ask any questions you might have there.

  3. chi says:

    I registered but don’t know how to access the webinar?

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