Mark Chrisman on How Swedish Medical Center is Using Mobile

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I recently sat down to talk tech with Mark Chrisman, senior learning technology consultant of Swedish Medical Center. The open space in which we sat was full of activity and energy, much like the learning and training happening at Swedish.

Mark and I discuss how Swedish Medical Center is implementing various methods to improve engagement and accessibility for employees, including clinical staff. By leveraging QR codes in the classroom and as part of eLearning, learners can use mobile devices to supplement and extend their training.

Mark also tells us how Swedish has been jumping on social media sites to enhance collaboration and allow users to generate content.

I worked with Mark at T-Mobile and he always advocated using modern social approaches. Mark goes beyond bringing ideas to the table – he implements them. Mark does not think in terms of limitations.

Follow Mark on Twitter @badsquare.

Please make sure to check out my interview with Swedish’s Judy Hansen.

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Jeff Tillett

Jeff Tillett has been working with computers and Internet technologies for nearly twenty years starting as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. A survivor of the Internet boom, Jeff assisted many startups to successfully build business and ecommerce ventures. His first involvement in instructional design was as a developer for a distance learning Internet start-up. There Jeff and his team crafted a custom LMS as well as all of the content that went in it. Discovering he had a passion and knack for learning design, Jeff has worked for a number of companies as an Interactive Learning Developer and Instructional Designer including T-Mobile USA and Microsoft. At T-Mobile, Jeff lead a group known as the Innovation Team that advocated and piloted emerging learning technologies for the organization. There he built expertise in mobile delivery and design and bring that knowledge to Float as a Mobile Learning Strategist.

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On December 30, 2011
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