Digital Learning Day: Download RabbleBrowser for Free!

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We like technology. And we like to promote learning.

Naturally, we loved hearing that Digital Learning Day would be today.

Digital Learning Day is a first-of-its-kind nationwide initiative to promote innovative teaching and learning through digital media and technology. Nearly 2 million students are expected to participate.

RabbleBrowser - a curated, collaborative Web browser for learningTo celebrate, we’re offering free downloads all day today of RabbleBrowser. The normally $1.99 iPad app is a collaborative Web browser for learning. A teacher can, for example, lead a Web browsing session with a group of students. The students see exactly what the teacher wants them to see. Browsing is not limited to the Web, though. Teachers can share documents, PDFs, or images with the students. Additionally, teachers can allow students to save bookmarks and chat with each other about the content.

Just two weeks ago, The Nerdy Teacher (better known as Nicholas Provenzano) reviewed RabbleBrowser. “With RabbleBrowser, I can connect all of my students to the school Wi-Fi and lead them through the content in a very simple fashion. There have been times when kids just cannot get the Web address correct and the class needs to wait while they catch up. RabbleBrowser will help eliminate those little stoppages so more time can be spent on the task at hand.”

After that post came out, we revealed some new features available that will be available in RabbleBrowser 2.5 to give teachers – or any session leader, for that matter – more tools to control the curated browsing experience, including letting students vote on websites; allow or prevent private chats; the ability to view URL logs, chat logs, and file transfers; and synced scroll.

To celebrate Digital Learning Day, download RabbleBrowser for free today. Please let us know what you and your students think of the app in the comments below.

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On February 1, 2012
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