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Float Breaks Out Its Mobile Mythbusters

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“Mobile learning is not as effective as either instructor-led training (ILT) or online learning.”

To Dr. Gary Woodill, this is a ludicrous myth about mobile learning.

“In my view, mobile learning can be ‘learning in context’ and ‘learning at the point of need.’ Both of these modes of learning are more motivating than learning out of context in a classroom,” said Float’s senior analyst.

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This is just one of the Seven Myths of Mobile Learning Woodill will present alongside Float mobile strategist and evangelist Jeff Tillett and Float managing director Chad Udell in Float’s next free Mobile Learning Conversation webinar, The Seven Myths of Mobile Learning. The session takes place at 1 p.m. EST (10 a.m. PST) on Wednesday, Feb. 22.

“People who are unsure whether mobile learning is for them or whether it actually works” should attend this webinar, Gary said. He hopes participants come out of the session comforted and with a “reassurance that mobile learning can have value for them.”

Obviously, he said, there are more than seven myths about mobile learning. Since this webinar is a conversation, attendees will be asked to come up with their own examples of mobile learning misconceptions they’ve heard to add to the list of myths.

Join us on Feb. 22 as we explore the myths we’ve prepared and add yours to the discussion. Register now>>

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Adam Bockler is the communications manager for Float, responsible for all of Float's marketing initiatives. In addition, Adam is a certified DDP Yoga Level 1 instructor, a certified personal trainer, a martial arts instructor, and a graduate of the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy.

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On February 15, 2012

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