Free Webinar: Mobile Learning Conversations Session Focuses on Rapid Development Tools in Mobile Learning

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It’s time for a “soft reset” in the learning community, according to several experts in the industry.

“I think that we’re at a point that we really need to pause and rethink how we’re going to learn using mobile devices,” said RJ Jacquez, a former Adobe evangelist who is now an analyst of mLearning and eLearning on his blog, The Mobile Learning Revolution. “You cannot think the same way … some people are having a hard time accepting that.”

RJ will continue that thinking in a free webinar on Wednesday, March 14, when he discusses rapid development tools in mobile learning with a panel of experts that includes Float mobile strategist and evangelist Jeff Tillett, Float managing director Chad Udell, and Robert Gadd, co-founder and president of OnPoint Digital. Among other awards, OnPoint Digital’s CellCast Solution was recently named Best Mobile Innovation for Education or Learning by the GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2012 during Mobile World Congress.

In this webinar, the panel will discuss where rapid development tools are today, Flash’s role, the pros and cons of native apps and the mobile Web, and what all of that means for rapid learning. 

“Rapid tools put power in the hands of the people,” Jeff said. They allowed non-developers to create. For mLearning, Jeff said the tools are the clay. “It’s really still up to us to come up with solutions based on what these tools offer us,” he said. “You hand five people a tool and they all come up with five different ways of doing something – some are good and some are bad.”

RJ, Robert, Jeff, and Chad are all looking forward to a great discussion with you.

“I think where we are in mobile learning, we have more questions than answers. But that’s okay,” RJ said, “because at least we’re talking about them in a very collaborative way.”

The March 14 webinar begins at 1/12c and is free. Register for the Mobile Learning Conversations webinar now>>

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