Project Tin Can – The Next Generation of SCORM

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Recently, at the Learning Solutions 2012 conference, I had an opportunity to sit down with a couple of people who are working on the next generation of SCORM, also known as Project Tin Can. This very important update addresses the new technologies and ways we learn today. These individuals and others will be discussing Tin Can, April 5, during a kickoff meeting via the web. ADL is encouraging stakeholders and potential adopters to attend a webinar to learn more about this effort. Before the meeting, I wanted to share conversations I had with two people pivotal in the evolution of this project.

(Update: ADL provided the slides to yesterday’s webinar. Please take a look in case you missed the session.)

Here is a great video overview of what this next generation of SCORM will look like.

The first conversation was with Aaron Silvers, who works for Advanced Distributed Learning, or ADL, the keepers of SCORM. If you’re not familiar with them, you should be. ADL will facilitate, coordinate and lead the design of a new model (and empower its development) to support innovative learning experiences. The next-generation SCORM capability supports the next generation learning environment of ADL’s overarching research and development strategies.

The second related interview on this project was with Tim Martin, of Rustici Software. Rustici was hired by ADL to research and assist in building the next generation of SCORM. Tim and I had a great conversation about how project Tin Can is coming along. This powerful new set of standards will allow us to look beyond the simple things we are currently tracking with SCORM, such as whether the learner opened the course, what page she or he may be on, or if the learner completed the course. The new SCORM will now be looking at the learner’s entire activity scream. This will open up a lot of new possibilities.

So, there you go. A great overview of Tin Can and what could be done with it. There is one question that remains. What will YOU do with it?

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Jeff Tillett

Jeff Tillett has been working with computers and Internet technologies for nearly twenty years starting as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. A survivor of the Internet boom, Jeff assisted many startups to successfully build business and ecommerce ventures. His first involvement in instructional design was as a developer for a distance learning Internet start-up. There Jeff and his team crafted a custom LMS as well as all of the content that went in it. Discovering he had a passion and knack for learning design, Jeff has worked for a number of companies as an Interactive Learning Developer and Instructional Designer including T-Mobile USA and Microsoft. At T-Mobile, Jeff lead a group known as the Innovation Team that advocated and piloted emerging learning technologies for the organization. There he built expertise in mobile delivery and design and bring that knowledge to Float as a Mobile Learning Strategist.

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On April 4, 2012
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