Free Webinar: Innovations in mHealth and mLearning

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The whole world has changed since the introduction and proliferation of smartphones, mobile learning and mobile health expert David Metcalf said to our own Jeff Tillett earlier this year.

One major change has been how the health care industry has adopted mobile technology. David, who recently co-authored mHealth: From Smartphones to Smart Systems, knows a thing or two about mHealth.

In his conversation with Jeff at Learning Solutions 2012 in March, David told Jeff he’s learned a lot from the process of researching for and writing the book. “I’m eager to kind of merge those two worlds – mobile learning and mobile health.”

David said he took away two big ideas from his foray into mHealth. One, he said, is evidence-based medicine. “Everything based on empirical evidence,” he said, because of the importance between life and death. He suggested the mobile industry work on measurement. The other is peripherals, such as digital cuffs or stethoscopes, that could report patient information back to a doctor’s phone.

We’re very excited to have David join us as our special guest in our monthly Mobile Learning Conversations free webinar, starting tomorrow at 12 p.m. CT. David will be joined by Float mobile strategist and evangelist Jeff Tillett and Float’s managing director Chad Udell. Register now>>

As a bonus, all registered attendees will be able to download a bundle of our mHealth research for free.

“Even if someone’s not in the health care field,” David said about his book, “it’s still going to be valuable learning for them to take into their industry segment, too.”

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