HTML5 Semantics at the Float Mobile Learning Symposium

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We are less than a month away from the Float Mobile Learning Symposium, which will be taking place in conjunction with Techweek on Monday, June 25th, at the beautiful 1871 in downtown Chicago. After seeing the success of last year’s event, and all of the great people involved, I couldn’t be happier to present at this year’s Symposium.

Mobile browsing is growing more and more every year, easily outpacing the rate at which desktop browsing grew at any point in time. The Float Mobile Learning Symposium will take a look at mobile design, development, strategy, and all things mobile. I will focus my presentation on HTML5 semantics. I will talk about what is new, what has changed from HTML 4.01, and how it all translates to better mobile design and development.

During my talk, I will cover some of the more important parts of semantics, including accessibility, interoperability and visibility. Specifically, we’ll discuss how to give content significant value and meaning, how to provide information to assistive technologies, how to improve search and internalization, how to facilitate the exchange and use of information, and what all of this means for the mobile browser space.

It might sound like quite a lot, perhaps even a bit daunting. But no worries! You will be amazed at how easy it is to write beautifully semantic code, and you’ll be impressed with the benefits you’ll get from doing so. I will walk you through everything you need to feel well informed and inspired to build a more mobile, more meaningful Web.

We are a month away from the Symposium, and I couldn’t be happier. All of the speakers look amazing, and the Float staff has done a great job putting the event together. The new 1871 coworking space is stunning and it’s sure to be an awesome host. Chicago is a spectacular city, and Techweek brings out the greatest minds from all around the world. Now the Float Mobile Learning Symposium is here to do the same! See you soon!

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