Innovations in mHealth and mLearning: Webinar Recording Available for a Limited Time

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A special thank you to Dr. David Metcalf, our special guest for this month’s Mobile Learning Conversations webinar.

David, co-author of mHealth: From Smartphones to Smart Systems, had plenty of advice and knowledge on mobile health. For instance, he said the big opportunity in mHealth is to cut down on data entry time. Medical professionals used to be able to scribble a few things down on a piece of paper but are now logging data in a system. He said it may take several minutes up front, but the back-end benefits are high. Medical professionals and patients could potentially access that material with just a few taps in 10 seconds or less.

That type of information and knowledge delivery shows that mHealth is about more than just devices. David said mHealth also incorporates electronic health records, artificial intelligence systems and more.

The conversation between David and Float’s mobile learning experts Chad Udell and Jeff Tillett was fantastic. The session was available for a limited time on this post.

Those who registered for this session were able to download Float’s mHealth research papers for free.

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On May 18, 2012
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