mLearnCon Keynote Speaker Talks Tin Can, mLearning and eLearning

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Geoff Stead is an international thought leader on new technologies and how to use them for learning, communication and collaboration. The head of innovation at Tribal Labs was one of the keynote speakers this year at mLearnCon. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Geoff and chatting about mLearning, innovation and the disruptive tendencies of mobile. Geoff shares his insights on how mobile learning conferences in the UK are different than in the U.S. and why mLearning needs to be different than eLearning. MLearning is part of the new spectrum of tools we have today to reach learners. We should not replace our eLearning or convert it all over to mLearning.

Geoff and I discuss how ADL is innovating with the Tin Can API and how it is up to the community to figure out how to take advantage of it. It will be interesting to see how the companies that build tools will respond to Tin Can.

We also talk about our responsibility as developers of content to build content or objects that will perform on any device. Many in the Web development world are saying to build for mobile first. We as learning professionals should should think in similar way.

Take a look at my full, exclusive conversation with Geoff below.

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Jeff Tillett

Jeff Tillett has been working with computers and Internet technologies for nearly twenty years starting as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. A survivor of the Internet boom, Jeff assisted many startups to successfully build business and ecommerce ventures. His first involvement in instructional design was as a developer for a distance learning Internet start-up. There Jeff and his team crafted a custom LMS as well as all of the content that went in it. Discovering he had a passion and knack for learning design, Jeff has worked for a number of companies as an Interactive Learning Developer and Instructional Designer including T-Mobile USA and Microsoft. At T-Mobile, Jeff lead a group known as the Innovation Team that advocated and piloted emerging learning technologies for the organization. There he built expertise in mobile delivery and design and bring that knowledge to Float as a Mobile Learning Strategist.

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On July 11, 2012
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  1. Thanks for a fun interview, Jeff. I enjoyed meeting you face to face at last.

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