Robert Gadd: Mobile Learning Experience is More Secure Than eLearning or Online Experience

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More than three out of five smartphone users don’t have password protection to lock their devices, according to a mobile security expert. This is especially profound, given that roughly the same proportion of users has corporate data stored on their phone.

“It’s a very easy level of security that should be imposed on anybody’s device,” said Robert Gadd, president, and chief mobile officer of OnPoint Digital.

Despite the numbers he presented in his session at the second annual Float Mobile Learning Symposium on June 25, Robert said he thinks the “the concern over security… has been a bit miscast.” During an interview with Float’s Jeff Tillett, Robert said he believes the “the mobile learning experience is actually more secure than the eLearning experience and the online experience.”

Watch their interview to find out why.

The core of Robert’s session during the Symposium, held in conjunction with Techweek in Chicago, focused on enterprise security. He cited a recent Kelton Research study when he said that 75 percent of IT managers have mobile-related security issues.

Robert focused on four key considerations for security in the enterprise: device (physical) security, application-level security, platform-level security, and other market factors. Robert breaks down each of these categories throughout his presentation, giving organizations plenty to think about concerning securing their devices as well as their content.

Having been in the security realm for the last decade, clients and partners of Robert’s OnPoint Digital stake claim on five continents and include the likes of Google, Apple, RIM, Sony, Vodaphone, AT&T and more.

We at Float want to send an extended thanks to Robert for OnPoint’s sponsorship of the Float Mobile Learning Symposium 2012.

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