Shay Howe: Give Your Code Meaning with HTML5 Semantics

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Last Monday, June 25, Float hosted the second annual Float Mobile Learning Symposium at the new tech startup incubator 1871, located in the Merchandise Mart, in conjunction with Techweek in Chicago. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be releasing exclusive interviews with the speakers along with their full session presentations. Follow Float on Twitter or subscribe to our blog to get notified when we post the next session.

Before his session, Shay Howe, a user interface engineer with Groupon, explained what he feels mobile could offer consumers in terms of learning, the benefits of working in a space like 1871, and how he builds for mobile.

“When I’m building a responsive website, I don’t go and write rules for what an iPhone site should look like or what it should look like on an iPad. I write rules around when experiences start to get awkward, like when your browser becomes a certain size, or things start to break,” he says to Float’s Jeff Tillett. “I try not to tie those experiences to one device, or Apple versus Android or anything like that – one experience for everyone.”

Shay, who is also a Code Academy instructor, focused on a semantic design using HTML5 during his session. He expressed the importance of allowing for accessibility across many devices, improving searchability and globalization, and the use of marked-up information to give more meaning to content.

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On July 2, 2012
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