Tappestry Chrome Extension Released

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We’ve received numerous questions since Tappestry‘s release in June that sound something like this: “How can I use Tappestry if I don’t have an iOS device?”

Now you can, using the Tappestry Web extension for Chrome and the Bookmarklet we have released.

The Tappestry Web extension functions almost identically to create thread feature in the native app version. After you install the extension, you can log your learning on any website. Simply press the Tappestry icon in your menu to have the extension appear, share and rate what you’ve learned, select a category for it, and submit.

If your preferred Web browser of choice is Firefox, Safari, IE or something else, you can still use the Tappestry Web bookmarklet. This bookmarklet functions exactly the same as the Web extension for Chrome.

What’s great about both the Web extension and the bookmarklet is that the threads of information you enter will show up in the Tappestry stream. For iOS users, this means you now have even more control of how you share what you’ve learned. If you are not an iOS user, start building your Tappestry now. Full versions of Tappestry are coming soon to Android and the Web. Stay tuned!

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On September 14, 2012
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