Tappestry 1.2, mAgriculture Research Released

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Tappestry Web Bookmarklet Released, Update Now Available from the Apple App Store

You asked. We listened. Tappestry is gaining ground!

We’ve created a Web bookmarklet for Tappestry. You can now track learning while on your desktop computer. Go to Tappestryapp.com to see how to get started with this accessible new learning tool.

Since we released the first Tappestry update last month, we’ve included a handful of significant new features in this release while revising existing ones. We’re very excited to announce that you now can search inside of Tappestry for the first time. Additionally, we’ve highlighted location in this version, enhancing that feature set with all-new ways to find learning around you. We strongly believe that where you impact how you learn and being able to track that more easily will aid in your exploration of the community.

Below is a complete list of new features and upgrades for Tappestry 1.2.

  • SEARCH – You can search the Tappestry network for threads about subjects and ideas you are interested in.
  • NEARBY THREADS – Find what others have learned in your immediate geographic area.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS – We’ve upgraded the Comments stream to show you how people are interacting with your threads. Now you can see when someone comments on and rates your threads in one spot!
  • INTEGRATED WEB BROWSER – Links throughout Tappestry now open with the built-in Web browser. You don’t have to leave the app to learn more about the threads you have been reading.
  • LEADERBOARDS – Easily find who is logging the most events and providing the most overall activity on the network.
  • HASHTAGS – Now you can add hashtags to your threads and quickly search posts with the same hashtags. #sociallearningrocks
  • CATEGORY STREAM – Tap on a category to filter the public stream, so you only see the threads you’re interested in.
  • REDESIGNED STREAM VIEW – Larger type, more flexible design, and optimized experience to make browsing threads even easier.

Coming this month: A native Android app, an iPad version, and a full Web version. Learning is everywhere, and Tappestry is the only platform that allows you to share it!

Do you have ideas for Tappestry? Maybe you have some questions? Contact us and let us know today.

Float Research Shows How Mobile Agriculture is Gaining Ground in North America

Ninety-four percent of farmers own a smartphone or a mobile phone, according to the latest research reports on cellular agriculture from Float senior analyst Gary Woodill and Float managing director Chad Udell.

While the use of mobile technology for agriculture has existed for nearly a decade in other parts of the world, it has only recently begun to take ground in North America.

Focus areas for these scans include mobile technology applications for industry professionals and consumers, and what mobile technology could do for the industry’s future.

To learn more about mobile agriculture and to read summaries of each report, visit Float’s mobile agriculture page>>

ASTD Mobile Learning Certificate Program Coming to Virginia in October

Chad and Gary will present a two-day ASTD Mobile Learning Certificate workshop in Alexandria, Va., on Oct. 11-12. These recognized experts and authors will look at current mobile technologies, explore the steps to create and implement a successful mobile learning project for your organization, and even build a prototype as a class.

We will present the workshop in Chicago in November, and San Jose in January, so if you can’t make the October dates, you have other opportunities coming up!

For more information and to register for the Mobile Learning Certificate program, visit the ASTD website>>

Tin Can Statement Viewer Now Available from Apple App Store; Tin Can iOS Library Also Available

We recently launched a brand-new app that allows developers utilizing the Tin Can API to create and view statements in a learning record store (LRS). Developers can debug, diagnose, and explore the data being sent to and received from a Tin Can LRS. The Tin Can Statement Viewer is available for iOS free of charge.

Additionally, we’ve also released the Tin Can iOS library. Make your mobile learning projects Tin Can-compliant with this library. We invite you to download the Tin Can iOS library for free. But hurry! This version expires Nov. 1. Contact us to learn how you can license it after that deadline expires.

Scott McCormick to Deliver Free Webcast to HR.com Members

It’s only a matter of time before your company adopts mobile learning if it hasn’t already. Scott McCormick, one of Float’s founding members, will deliver mLearning Straight Talk directly to you in a webcast for HR.com on Wednesday, Sept. 19.

Drawing on the first-hand experience and real-world examples, the presentation will cover essential topics such as winning over stakeholders, mLearning process, building prototypes, mLearning vs. eLearning, security, MDM and MAM, and how to build a mobile learning team. Attendees will be able to assess their readiness to implement mLearning and grow in their mobile learning knowledge. The information can be applicable to a learning professional that is just starting out or someone who is already utilizing mobile learning and wants to continue to become more “mobile smart.”

Register for Scott’s free mLearning Straight Talk today>>

Float Senior Analyst Gary Woodill Reflects on Media Theories of Marshall McLuhan

Despite having thrived half a century ago, media theorist Marshall McLuhan’s thoughts about the impact of new media on learning and culture still seem to ring true today for mobile technology.

Gary recently reread several of McLuhan’s books and took a stab at what McLuhan might say about mobile in an extended blog article.

“In spite of the profound implications of a major change in the dominant media, our initial reaction to the pressure of such changes is to try to accommodate the new technology by using it in the same old ways with which we are familiar. McLuhan says that ‘society prefers somnambulism to awareness.’ In another famous quote, he reinforced this message: ‘We look at the present through a rearview mirror. We march backward into the future.’”

Read Mobile McLuhan in full>>

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