Looking Back at Our Predictions for Mobile Learning in 2012

December 2012 Newsletter, Part 2

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After making our 12 Predictions for the Mobile Landscape in 2012 in January of this year, we tacked on five predictions for mobile learning, in particular. Check out this post to see how we stacked up to those 12 predictions.

In this post, which appeared originally in our December newsletter, we analyze how we did as it relates to our mobile learning-specific predictions.

Prediction #1: Rapid tool makers will start talking context.

Didn’t happen. Boo. Not boo on us for predicting it, but boo to the vendors for not delivering. C’mon guys. Time to get on this.

Prediction #2: A Captivate-to-HTML5 bridge will be commercially released.

Check. It happened, though we want more! Help us create richer interactions and port our ActionScript widget over, please, Adobe.

Prediction #3: Flash-to-HTML5 conversion will become a huge undertaking.

This is almost always a conversation topic at conference, events, and webinars wherever we go. People are moving their learning over to run-time agnostic environments. The tolling hasn’t quite caught up yet, so this is definitely a big gap for vendors and developers. Learning developers: it’s time to skill up and learn HTML5, jQuery and responsive Web design.

Prediction #4: eBooks/ePub will continue to shake up the publishing industry.

Earlier this year, we looked at a brief history of publishing in which we stated how quickly changes were happening in the publishing business.

In looking at the numbers, overall revenue seems to be down. However, digital is taking large ground. Digital accounts for 21 percent of Simon & Schuster’s revenue, reports the Wall Street Journal (Publisher’s Weekly has more details). Good E-Reader reported similar results for Penguin and noted that HarperCollins saw an increase, as well. PW also noted industry stock performances and cited good reviews for the Nook tablet as a key ingredient in why Barnes & Noble did so well in October.

Future Publishing, a leading publisher abroad, noticed a 30-percent growth in digital revenues after having embraced Apple Newsstand, according to Journalism.co.uk. Digital advertising adds up to nearly half of all ad revenue.

While the debate has seemingly been print vs. digital, e-book publishers should now likely learn from Future and consider how to commingle the two formats in order to be successful.

Prediction #5: Mobile learning will continue to allow companies to do more with less.

Anecdotally, we are seeing this with every new client and a new project we take one. The bottom line looks great with mobile learning, and the smart companies are already reaping the benefits.

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