How To Configure a Passcode in Sandbox

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As more and more people have downloaded the Sandbox Web browsing application for iOS, we’ve received several questions lately about how to enable a passcode. This post will answer that question with screenshots.

How to Set a Passcode

First, to enable a passcode, you must first create a configuration plist. The configuration plist format and content is explained in the Sandbox documentation, which also includes a sample plist file for you to use as a starting point. We’ll use that for our explanation.

Upload the configuration plist to your server or some other publicly accessible area such as Dropbox (how to link to a file in Dropbox). We’ll be using the URL

On your device, using Safari, visit


In our example, the URL will look like


Sandbox passcode - step 1

Sandbox will then launch, and an alert will let you know whether the profile was successfully configured. If it was, you’ll be asked if you’d like to lock further settings updates with a passcode. Select Yes to do this.

A new alert will prompt you to enter a new passcode. The password can be whatever you’d like it to be. In this example, we’ll use 1234.

A third alert will ask you to confirm the passcode by entering it again.

If successful, you’ll see a final alert box.

How to Change Settings Using the Passcode

Passcodes work great in Sandbox because your users will not be able to change the settings without them. You can go back later and change these settings by using your passcode.

In your iOS Settings app, change your desired settings for Sandbox. These could be your domain settings, bookmarks, user interface options, restricted page message, and so on.

You’ll be prompted to enter your passcode when you relaunch the app.

If successful, you’ll see your settings have changed.

There you go! Setting up a secure Sandbox installation may seem daunting, but it really is quite easy.

We appreciate the product feedback and have some updates headed your way that incorporate product feedback we have already gotten, so keep tuned and please keep sending us your ideas and questions.

For more on Sandbox for Web browsing, visit our post on How You Can Use Sandbox.

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