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Looking at the Success of Mobile Technology Projects on Kickstarter

Mobile Projects Receive Massive Funding

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(Comic via Matt Forcum)

By looking at Kickstarter stats, you might think that mobile projects would not do so well on one of the largest funding platforms for creative projects in the world.

The technology category is one of the least successful project categories (33.39 percent), falling only behind publishing (31.12 percent) and fashion (27.45 percent). However, despite its relatively low success rate, technology projects raise an incredible amount of money. Of the projects that have been funded, four have received $1 million or more, second only to games, which has had 12 projects reach that threshold.

We examined four mobile projects to compare them to the stats. In our nonscientific sample, these projects should all be considered wild successes. Not just because all four have reached or will reach financial success. Not only because two of these will raise more than $1 million. But because of how much they exceeded their goals.

Monkey Kit is a flexible positioning system for an iPad or other tablet or e-reader that has raised three times its goal. WakaWaka Power, a personal power station for your mobile device, has raised nearly ten times more than the original purpose.

Now to the million-dollar projects.

After setting a $100,000 goal, LIFX raised $1.3 million in less than two months. LIFX is an LED light bulb that changes color just by tapping your iOS or Android device.

Finally, there’s Pebble. In four months, the watch that syncs with your iPhone or Android phone raised $10 million from nearly 70,000 backers. If you wear a watch, take three minutes to watch that video and tell me you wouldn’t have given $5 to that effort.

LIFX and Pebble, especially, may be contributing to a new trend. According to Mashable, “some startups and even larger companies are now looking to crowdfunding sites to serve other business functions, from market research and product design to customer relations and manufacturing negotiations.”

In the comments below, share with us the mobile projects you’ve contributed to on Kickstarter or another crowdfunding platform. What were the results like? What do you wish would have been different? Let us know about your experiences.

Editor’s note: Interestingly enough, Kickstarter just this week released its first iOS app

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