Coming Up at Learning Solutions 2013: Repurposing Your eLearning Solutions for Mobile Without the Easy Button

Chad Udell Discusses How to Leverage Mobile at LSCon 2013

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Your eLearning library is chock-full of great content that you’ve built up over the last several years. Lately, as your learners have become mobile, you’ve realized you need to make this content available through smartphones and tablets in addition to desktop and laptop computers. It’s tempting to fall prey to the allure of the big red easy button. Mobile tooling is starting to emerge, and most eLearning rapid tool vendors have templates or starter projects to help you understand how to use their products to produce mobile device compatible experiences.

So, it’s clear that converting your eLearning content to mobile learning is possible. In Float’s years of experience, though, that approach rarely works. Abandonment, poor performance on the Likert scale and an overall dismal uptake are sure to follow you if you simply move your desktop long-form content over to a mobile device. Learners on the go have different goals, context, and expectations when they use their smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, Learning Everywhere author Chad Udell says in his book, “the search for the eLearning-to-mLearning-conversion easy button is a fool’s errand.” After all, mobile learning is not eLearning on a mobile device.

Join Chad in Orlando at the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions 2013 to learn how to repurpose your eLearning solutions for mobile without the easy button. You’ll learn how to adapt existing content for the small screen and reinvigorate your learners as a result.

In the March 14 session, Chad will discuss examples, case studies and process documents in order to create effective mobile learning. Attendees will be able to assess how your existing content would work on a mobile device, how to redesign those experiences so they’re optimized for smartphones and tablets, which considerations to keep in mind as you port to mobile, and – most importantly – what not to do when converting your content.

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Adam Bockler is the communications manager for Float, responsible for all of Float's marketing initiatives. In addition, Adam is a certified DDP Yoga Level 1 instructor, a certified personal trainer, a martial arts instructor, and a graduate of the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy.

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