Google Glass: Turning Your Little Brother Into Big Brother

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Always with you. Always on. Still recording.

Google Glass and other wearable technology allow people to perform what’s been called “lifelogging.”

It’s great for people who want to capture their day.

For instance, Memoto is a device that can clip onto clothing and takes two geotagged photos per minute. Alex Hudson of the BBC reports this could produce up to 4GB of data in 24 hours. “If worn for 12 hours each day,” Hudson says, “that is 10,000 photos a week.”

That’s a lot of data.

Just think about all the pictures and video we capture with our smartphones and tablets now. Imagine a world in which everyone who owns a pair of glasses can shoot photos and videos, as well as consume information.

After all, the Boston police department (who, by the way, schooled us all on Twitter) tweeted its request for video from the finish line after the Boston Marathon bombing last week.

It is worthwhile to note, however, that we have a confident expectation of privacy.

The impact of Google Glass and the to-be-created exabytes of data means forces may be able to use that triangulation for harm rather than good. Social norms will undoubtedly be tested. Courtesy will be expected (we hope), but not guaranteed. Even Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, told Aaron Pressman of Reuters that people would need to develop new etiquette to deal with these types of products.

Morgan Freeman would not approve of Google Glass.

Morgan Freeman says this type of power is “too much for one person.”

Already, many bloggers, developers and more are writing about the device and its impact. We can expect that much more will be written about Google Glass over the next year, with a scheduled launch in 2014.

Whether you think Google Glass will be a boon to lifelogging, or you think it will destroy our rights under the Fourth Amendment, one thing is for sure: don’t be a glasshole.

What do you think about Google Glass? Are you looking forward to logging life’s events, or are you concerned about maintaining your privacy? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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On April 26, 2013
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