Learning Everywhere: A Guide to Mobile Learning Success

Chad Udell Discusses Mobile Learning Book with Trade Show Radio at ASTD 2013

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At the annual ASTD 2013 conference in Dallas, Chad Udell’s book “Learning Everywhere: How Mobile Content Strategies are Transforming Training,” took center stage.

During his interview with Trade Show Radio, Float’s managing director explained his reasoning behind writing the book saying, “I felt it was necessary from a practitioner’s standpoint to be able to get a good idea of how to get started with mobile learning inside of their organizations.”

The book focuses on how content strategy is changing the way people are trained. Udell examines these strategies from a mobile perspective.

“This is a discipline that’s been really well explored in the Web design community,” he said. “But in the learning community, it’s been absent for way too long, so we need to get smart about it.”

Udell went on to talk about how important mobile devices can be to people in and out of the workplace.

“We’re a lot smarter because we have Google in our pockets with our smartphones,” he said, “and we should be smart when we do our jobs, too.”

If companies are not taking time out to compile valuable materials that are accessible to their employees, CEOs, supervisors, and managers are likely to see a performance gap in the people that work for them.

“Often times the best way to reach (employees) is by using the device in their pocket,” Udell said. “We’re talking about a mobile-first approach.”

When asked about the process of writing the book, the author answered, “I like to write and I like to talk, so the writing process for me felt a lot easier than I thought it might. It involved some late nights, but writing from a solid concept and outline really pulled it together.”

“Learning Everywhere” is available on Amazon and formatted for the Amazon Kindle. It’s also available at discount on ASTD.org.

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