Video: 10 Essentials for Successful Mobile Learning Implementation

Full mLearnCon 2013 Session #101 Helps You Ask The Right Questions About Mobile

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To get straight to the point, you can view my mLearnCon 2013 presentation right now. Watch it and join the conversation by posting comments below.

A big thanks to the eLearning Guild for developing this video and making it available online on their site, as well along with many others for Guild members.

If you read this blog or visit our website with any frequency, you know that Float Mobile Learning had a big presence at mLearnCon 2013 last month in San Jose. Whether it was sessions, panels, the Expo or chats in the coffee line, Float was part of the conversation. And the cherry on top of the mLearning sundae was when our learning social network app, Tappestry, won Best of Show at the mLearnCon DemoFest on the final day of the conference. Incidentally, I shared some of my takeaways from mLearnCon just a couple of weeks ago. Congratulations to the eLearning Guild for putting on such a great conference!

I was very privileged to contribute to the conference by delivering a presentation called, “Ten Essentials for Successful Mobile Learning Implementation” in the first block of concurrent sessions on an opening day.

In fact, it was Session #101, which was a completely appropriate number for the subject matter I was sharing. The presentation includes fundamental precepts that any learning professional needs to consider as they undertake a mLearning effort. Not just for newbies, it has information that works as a basic checklist to get your mobile learning project off the ground and moving through the work plan.

What are some of the “ten essentials?”

I encourage people to “reimagine” how they deliver training and adopt a “less is more” approach in the way their mobile learning deliverable is designed and developed. I show the attendees who they need on their “’m’ team”  and talk about prototypes to prove that sometimes “small is big.” Those are just four of the essentials, and you can learn all ten by watching the video.

You might think that most anyone who is attempting mobile learning in their enterprise is following these fundamental practices. But Float is finding out – as we hear from companies and organizations week in and week out – that some of the basics are being overlooked.

Do you have security measures solved and in place? Are there policies that need to be written that make it clear to your audience how this new learning platform is going to affect their daily work lives? If you scratched your head at either of these questions, maybe it would be a good idea to spend an hour with me and a gathering of my new friends I made at mLearnCon.

We are interested in your feedback to the points being made in the video so please enter your comments below. If you agree or disagree on a point, want to elaborate on or reinforce one of the “essentials,” please add your comments. We all get better when we collaborate.

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Scott McCormick is a founding partner of Float. Building on more than 30 years of experience in training, eLearning, and mLearning efforts for Fortune 500 companies, Scott helps companies embrace new learning strategies and deliver results. Scott is in charge of client relationships with global leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and insurance, and is instrumental in building new business and contributing to Float’s thought leadership efforts. Scott is featured in Float’s latest book, “Mastering Mobile Learning,” available from Wiley and ASTD Press.

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On July 24, 2013
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