MixBit Adds Editing and Collaboration as Newest Micro-Video App

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The founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chan have just launched MixBit, a rival to Facebook’s Instagram (up to 15-second videos) and Twitter’s Vine (up to 6-second videos).

However, MixBit adds a new feature that may give these established micro-video apps a run for their money. Unlike the other two apps, MixBit allows users to edit and combine videos, and to use clips from other users. These combined videos can be up to 68 minutes in length.


It also has editing features to improve the quality of producing videos, without being overly complicated.

For example, reordering clips is a simple drag-and-drop. The goal is to enable anyone to make a good, quality production, not just those with great equipment, training, and experience. This is an online video for the masses.

But, perhaps MixBit is not a rival to Instagram or Vine. Romain Dillet, on the TechCrunch website comments:

“MixBit is nothing like Vine or Instagram. The only similarity is that they are all mobile apps. Vine or Instagram users share videos seconds after something happens. In most cases, you share something because it’s beautiful or because you want to put your friends in your shoes. In other words, you take out your phone, shoot something, share it, and you’re done. The entire process is very different in MixBit. It takes a lot more effort to publish a video on MixBit than to shoot a quick Vine video.”

MixBit is currently available for iOS phones, with an Android version expected soon.

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On August 14, 2013

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