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Some Highlights from VisionMobile's State of the Developer Nation Report

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At Float Mobile Learning, we believe that without great developers (and we have several), you can’t have a production company that leads the field in innovation.

So I was intrigued to discover a company that specializes in an area called “developer economics.” VisionMobile in the UK are mobile industry analysts, and they have a set of unique products, services, and free materials in this area. They sell workshops and business intelligence services and have some very interesting reports on the mobile computing industry available for free.

Try downloading the free research report published last month on the answers to a survey of mobile developers from a large number of companies. According to the VisionMobile website, the report, State of the Developer Nation, “is the 5th in the series of Developer Economics reports, based on the largest, most global developer survey (over 6,000 respondents from 115 countries).”

This report tracks the state of mobile ecosystems, developer mindshare, monetization trends, revenue models and developer tools.

Here are a few of the results:

  • The Mobile Developer Mindshare Q3 2013 shows Android leading at 71% of developers using the platform, followed by iOS at 56%.
  • 52% of the developer population uses HTML5 technologies to develop mobile apps.
  • iOS monthly revenue at $5,200 – more than Android, but gap closing.
  • Mobile developers use 2.9 platforms – a shift towards diversification.

Another free and valuable resource is the VisionMobile blog written by staff and guest bloggers.

This is a company to watch – you’ll learn a lot about the mobile learning industry.

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Gary Woodill is a senior analyst with Float, as well as CEO of i5 Research. Gary conducts research and market analyses, as well as assessments and forecasting for emerging technologies. Gary is the co-editor of "Mastering Mobile Learning," author of “The Mobile Learning Edge,” and the co-author of “Training and Collaboration with Virtual Worlds.” He also presents at conferences and is the author of numerous articles and research reports on emerging learning technologies. Gary holds a doctor of education degree from the University of Toronto.

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