5 Great Mobile Learning Resources from Upside Learning

Including an Infographic and Slide Deck

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Amit Garg from Upside Learning recently reviewed the eLearning Guild’s publication on “158 Tips on mLearning: From Planning to Implementation” and hand-picked 21 of his favorite tips to highlight in his blog post. I was honored that he picked two tips from me and three from my colleague, Chad Udell, Float’s managing director.

While at Float we think that we provide the mobile learning industry with lots of valuable resources, we recognize that other companies such as Upside Learning also write and distribute great information from their particular knowledge bases and experiences. Here are five of our favorite learning resources that Upside Learning has produced over the past year:

  1. 21 Inspiring Quotes & Thoughts On Mobile Learning
  2. Wearable Computing Technology In Learning
  3. Why Mobile Learning Is The Future Of Workplace Learning (Infographic)
  4. Mobile Learning Implementation: Need, Myths & Success Factors (Slide Deck)
  5. 15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

Thank you again, Amit, for the recognition, and we ask readers of the Float blog to check out the many resources from Upside Learning.

Why Mobile Learning Is The Future Of Workplace Learning

Why Mobile Learning Is The Future Of Workplace Learning

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Infographic by Upside Learning

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Gary Woodill is a senior analyst with Float, as well as CEO of i5 Research. Gary conducts research and market analyses, as well as assessments and forecasting for emerging technologies. Gary is the co-editor of "Mastering Mobile Learning," author of “The Mobile Learning Edge,” and the co-author of “Training and Collaboration with Virtual Worlds.” He also presents at conferences and is the author of numerous articles and research reports on emerging learning technologies. Gary holds a doctor of education degree from the University of Toronto.

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On September 24, 2013
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3 Responses to 5 Great Mobile Learning Resources from Upside Learning

  1. Amit Garg says:

    Hi Gary,

    So glad that you find Upside Learning contributing meaningful resources to the domain of mobile learning. I’ve personally learnt so much from your book (The Mobile Learning Edge) and writings over the years. Thank You.

  2. Thank you, Gary for the great infographic and slide deck. Ahh the world of mobile learning! As Director of Solution Architecture at SweetRush, I am engaging and consulting with organizations across the world regarding the capabilities of mLearning. Your infographic is a valuable tool to understand the landscape of mobile users! Thank you for sharing. When you have a moment check out our top 5 strategies for mLearning..I am curious as to your thoughts…http://www.sweetrush.com/what-we-do-for-you/m-learning/


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