Luminosity Motion Debuts New Mobile Learning Platform

Similar Products Suggest New Stage of Innovation for mLearning

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The next stage of development for many mobile learning vendors seems to be building mobile learning platforms with built-in tracking and gamification features.

A new platform in this genre is Luminosity Motion, from the U.K. company, CM Group. The product was launched Sept. 7 after being adopted by RBS and Microsoft for initial deployment.

According to the company, “The new mobile learning platform supports the delivery of the widest range of content to smartphone and tablet devices. This includes HTML5 courses, responsive HTML5 courses, performance support tools, videos, podcasts, assessments, eBooks, Microsoft Office documents and many more.”

Luminosity Motion supports both SCORM and Experience API for tracking of learner achievements.

CM Group also offers a number of customizable apps to run on the new platform.

Rate of Major Innovation chart

James Utterback, in his insightful 1994 book, “Mastering the Dynamics of Innovation,” talks about the stage of the technology diffusion curve where many companies jump into the competitive fray with variations on a new technology, each trying to capture and lock in customers to their products.

We seem to be just entering this stage in mobile learning.

The stage ends when a “dominant design” emerges from the pack, and one or two companies begin to dominate the markets. At that point, we see consolidation of the market with two or three companies surviving and prospering while the rest fail or are bought out. As product innovation slows down, there is a similar process for process innovation.

We are several years from that stage in mobile learning, but it will come soon enough. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the blizzard of offerings that will be coming your way in mobile learning.

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Gary Woodill is a senior analyst with Float, as well as CEO of i5 Research. Gary conducts research and market analyses, as well as assessments and forecasting for emerging technologies. Gary is the co-editor of "Mastering Mobile Learning," author of “The Mobile Learning Edge,” and the co-author of “Training and Collaboration with Virtual Worlds.” He also presents at conferences and is the author of numerous articles and research reports on emerging learning technologies. Gary holds a doctor of education degree from the University of Toronto.

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On September 12, 2013

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