What Technology is Best for Performance Support?

Learning Solutions Article Leaves Out Mobile Learning

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In a recent article (August 19, 2013) in the eLearning Guild’s “Learning Solutions Magazine,” learning industry veteran, Conrad Gottfredson sets out to clarify the differences among various technologies to deliver performance support.

Interestingly, he omits mobile learning.

The Performance Support Pyramid

Conrad tries to clarify three points in his article:

  1. There are different vehicles for delivering performance support.
  2. These vehicles differ in capability and quality of production.
  3. As a result, they vary in their capacity to deliver business benefit.

He then compares electronic performance support systems with job aids, and then with traditional help systems. Citing performance support pioneer Gloria Gery, Conrad shows why a full EPSS system works best. He says,

When properly enabled, it facilitates rapid access to just enough of what’s needed. It reins-in the chaos of resources scattered across SharePoint sites, locked within an LMS, buried deep in a knowledge repository, stored on someone’s desktop, or hidden in someone’s mind.

There is much more information in this article.

The fact that he doesn’t mention mobile learning perhaps shows that Conrad doesn’t think there is a portable system yet that mimics the complete functionality of a traditional EPSS system, which suggests a big opportunity is sitting there for some enterprising vendor…

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