Video: Learning Myths Smashed at DevLearn

MythSmashers Chad Udell and Clark Quinn Smash Five Learning Myths to Pieces

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A total of five learning myths were debunked at this year’s DevLearn, courtesy of two mobile experts.

MythSmashers at DevLearn featuring Clark Quinn and Chad Udell

“The Learning Legend” Dr. Clark Quinn and “The Mobile Ninja” Chad Udell teamed up to tackle many common myths in learning during the most-attended session in its timeslot, including:

  • Myth #1: We need to appeal to learners.
  • Myth #2: We can measure individual differences in learning.
  • Myth #3: Younger folks are natively good at digital (even further debunked by ITU).
  • Myth #4: Generations differ in meaningful ways.

Following Clark’s call for a more evidence-based approach to learning and development, their session used a scientific framework with which to deconstruct each myth, using the following six steps:

  • Stating the claim.
  • Sharing its appeal.
  • The research methods behind it.
  • What the research results showed.
  • The harm in following the myth.
  • Recommendations moving forward.

This video was recorded at DevLearn 2013 courtesy of the eLearning Guild.

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On November 14, 2013
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