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This past year saw great headway made by a number of mobile learning providers and by companies using mobile learning for their employees.

In this post, you’ll read about the many ways mobile learning moved forward in 2013 in a number of categories – from the events that were held to the topics that generated the most discussion.

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Check out some of our hand-picked items from below to help you get started in the new year. After you get through this list, be sure to read Scott McCormick’s 3 ways to kickstart your mobile learning for 2014.

Mobile Learning Strategy

The key to a successful mobile learning initiative is a sound strategy. The year 2013 was a standout year for organizations looking to lay the groundwork for their mobile strategy. Start your 2014 off right by viewing the links below.

Comic: why a content strategy is beneficial

[COMIC] The Benefits of a Content Strategy – This side-by-side comparison illustrates why a content strategy is valuable for any organization.

Overcome Resistance to Mobile Learning – Scott McCormick provides four concrete methods for answering the challenges you’ll face about an mLearning rollout.

[VIDEO] 10 Essentials to Implementing Mobile Learning – Scott helps you ask the right questions about mobile.

Why Mobile Learning Is More Secure Than Desktop Learning – Fear, uncertainty and doubt can be alleviated with these 10 reasons why mLearning beats desktop learning in the security department.

[VIDEO] Mobile Myths – Chad Udell and Dr. Clark Quinn debuted the MythSmashers this year at DevLearn, in which they debunked multiple learning myths, including why young people aren’t always digital natives.

Mobile Learning For Sales EnablementStop measuring percent complete and start measuring percent closed, wrote Chad Udell for ASTD’s Sales Enablement Blog.

mLearning is Not eLearning on a Mobile Device, Pt. 2 – John Feser follows up on a landmark article he wrote in 2010.

The ABCs of Mobile Learning – Scott explains attunement, buoyancy and clarity as they relate to mLearning.

Mobile Learning Case Studies – Dr. Gary Woodill provides three places you can find case studies on mLearning so that you can begin to think about how they apply for your enterprise.

Why Mobile Learning Makes You Smarter Than You Think – Offload all the dumb stuff to your mobile devices, and save your brains for what they’re uniquely capable of.

Events – Conferences, Trade Shows and More

Float attended a number of industry events this year, sharing our latest efforts in addition to seeing what others are contributing to mobile learning.

ASTD 2013 – Only 6 percent of exhibitors identified mobile learning as their expertise at the ASTD International Conference & Expo in Dallas in May.

Gary Woodill accepts Best Overall at mLearnCon DemoFest 2013

David Holcombe, Dr. Gary Woodill, David Kelly and Heidi Fisk

mLearnConMore organizations are trying mobile learning, but more than half of this year’s exhibitors did not exhibit last year. Both of these trends suggest a period of experimentation with mobile learning.

DevLearn – A dozen exhibitors at this year’s event showed fresh and interesting ideas, according to our own Dr. Gary Woodill.

LearnNow – This two-day session, facilitated by a trio of learning experts, generated much conversation in the #learn13 Twitter stream.

Mobile Learning Design

Whether you’re deploying an EPUB, a website or a native app, they all share good design principles. Our expert designers put together these resources for you this year.

10 Benefits of EPUBs for Mobile Learning – Not only do they help you easily augment your current content, but EPUBs are secure and have been shown to improve performance.

What’s the Difference Between an EPUB, a PDF, and a Digital Publication? – If the previous item has you scratching your head, read this post.


Applying Animation Principles to CSS3Spice up your mobile learning efforts with some animation.

Understand Your Users’ Habits, Problems, and NeedsMobile learning changes (almost) everything, according to Mayra Aixa Villar.

Mobile Learning Development

Of course, the designs remain largely lifeless until a developer begins slinging code. But before you start throwing around variables and semicolons, take a look at these links to learn how your solution will perform the best that it can for your users.

How Much Does a Mobile App Cost? – This is probably the question we’re asked most often. The honest answer is, “It depends,” but this useful white paper helps to give you a good idea.

Float Mobile Learning Tin Can

The Experience API – Here you’ll see information about why xAPI can be useful for your company, and how you can get started with development for it right away.

Why L&D Professionals Should Gain New Skills – It’s time for you to level up in these four areas.

Optimize Your PhoneGap App’s Performance – Our lead developer shows you three tools to help you get a better user experience with this cross-platform framework.

Convert Your Captivate Content for Mobile – Content conversion is a topic many people ask us about at industry events, so we created this handy guide for Captivate.

How To Build More Efficient Apps – Tech supergroup’s goal is to bring affordable Internet 5 billion people in the world without access to it. In this white paper, they share some ways to build apps efficiently.

The Pros and Cons of Mobile-First Design – Mobile design often seems like an afterthought, even though one in four Americans uses a mobile device to access the Web.

Leverage the Unique Affordances of Mobile Technology – We’ve written extensively this year about mobile affordances, which puts the learner in control and in context – two keys to mobile learning.

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