3 Examples of How to Use Google Glass for Performance Support

"Just In Time, Just Enough, Just For Me" Dominates How Glass Is Used

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Firefighters and medical professionals have piloted Google Glass for several purposes.

No better example of “just in time, just enough, and just for me” exists than firefighter Patrick Johnson.


In this 88-second video, Johnson demonstrates how he uses Google Glass to:

  • See the floor plan of the burning building he’s head into
  • Locate a fire hydrant near a burning home
  • Find the extraction diagram for a vehicle to pull out a crash victim

Fast Company has profiled Johnson in-depth.

Similarly, Cnet shows how a surgeon uses Glass to see CT images of a patient’s chest. By using Google Glass, Cnet reports the surgeon says Glass “saves time and improves patients’ safety.”

Finally, SFGate profiles Pristine, a Texas company behind the EyeSight app, which has undergone a pilot program at UC Irvine. Using EyeSight, for example, “a nurse will use Glass to stream a video of a patient’s wound to a doctor, who will then decide whether he or she should examine the injury in person, said Mike Comer, CEO of Wound Care Advantage.”


Bonus: Enhance your email prose with the Word of the Day app for Google Glass. The app pulls a word from the dictionary each day and sends it to your Glass.

Hat tip to The Next Web.

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