7 Things About Sales Enablement Software Tools You Need to Know

How Mobile Apps and Websites Can Help Your Sales Team Do Better

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It’s widely known by now that mobile apps and mobile websites are important tools in your sales cycle.

Mobile sales enablement technology promises to keep companies in-step with the shifting business world by providing immediate access to all necessary information in any location to help close a sale.

Mobile technologies facilitate the reduction of sales staff travel time and expenses, and they also allow salespeople to make the most of their time wherever they need to be.

A new category of mobile software, called mobile sales enablement tools, is taking the sales world by storm.

Sales enablement tools – such as Coulesce Routzy, CRM Mate, and CoreSuite Mobile Sales, for example – are important as an interface between salespeople and clients, and providing performance support during the sales process.

Well-designed mobile apps allow salespeople to access business essentials such as catalogs, product details, and various metrics pertinent to the situation and type of product or service being offered.

Company websites are also an important interface as clients can access product and company information. A well-designed website with a mobile component or a well-designed sales app can significantly enhance a customer’s experience with any purchase.

In an analysis of over 100 sales enablement apps and websites in the marketplace, Float Senior Analyst Dr. Gary Woodill what companies are looking for when searching for the best solution, and what features are being offered by the vendors.

More specifically, a review of the vendors’ case studies suggested clients wanted sales enablement technologies for three reasons:

  1. to improve overall business practices;
  2. to amplify the effectiveness of salespeople; and,
  3. to improve the customer experience.

In this white paper, Dr. Woodill’s analysis sheds light on important factors to keep in mind when considering any sales enablement solution:

  1. Benefits of mobile technologies for sales enablement, such as getting information “just in time, just enough, and just for me.”
  2. Most common features of sales enablement tools.
  3. Challenges involved with introducing mobile sales enablement software.
  4. Best practices for designing mobile sales enablement software, including consistency and simple interfaces.
  5. Differences between mobile and desktop sales enablement.
  6. Needs of companies, such as data management and expense reduction.
  7. Innovative features companies will want in the near future to help their sales teams sell more.

Download our new white paper now to help maximize your sales force’s performance.

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On May 20, 2014
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