#ASTD2014 Recap: ASTD Changing to ATD, Slides Now Available

Plus New Books on Design Thinking, Content Strategy, Talent Development

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The largest training conference in America has wrapped, and Float was part of the fun in Washington, D.C.

We had a booth on the exhibit floor, and I personally attended the conference, as well.

I presented at the event on Multiscreen Delivery and Content Strategy to a large room that was nearly full. The reception to the session seemed to be really positive, with a ton of questions at the end of the session that was thoughtful and detailed.

I posted the session’s slides on Slideshare. Take a look at it here:

Content Strategy for Multiscreen Delivery from Chad Udell

The biggest thing at the event may have been the ASTD rebranding. Over the next year, ASTD will reposition itself as the Association for Talent Development.

A bold move, to be sure.

Dropping the “American” and turning the “A” into Association instead of the “Society,” moving to Talent from Training? All good moves in my mind. I’m excited to continue my involvement and support with the newly named ATD.

Some other notable things at the event from my perspective? Well, there was a high amount of energy through the entire crowd and community at large, and I think it had to do with a lot of great new thought now emerging in the space.

A number of new high-profile books from esteemed authors had their first show at the conference.

Jane Bozarth’s excellent Show Your Work hit the shelves. It’s a beautifully designed, poignant look into how sharing what you do and how you do it can directly impact those around you in profound and positive ways. It’s a must-read.

Clark Quinn’s new book also made its debut at the conference. Revolutionize Learning & Development: Performance and Innovation Strategy for the Information Age looks like a Russian constructivist agitprop art piece on the outside. On the inside, Clark continues his manifesto-like approach to flipping the L&D table over, spilling its mess to help create a cleanup effort and redirect our efforts with an eye on performance rather than the superficial learning development efforts that are so common in the business world today.

Other notable titles came from Koreen Olbrish Pagano and Cammy Bean, whose books have been out just a little bit longer, but still represent the newest in thinking on immersive learning design Immersive Learning: Designing for Authentic Practice) and instructional design (The Accidental Instructional Designer), respectively. I feel lucky to have worked with these talented and highly intelligent people, and look forward to digging into their best thinking.

These books are representative of a lot of the new thinking that is going on in the community, as well. Hot areas from the Twitter stream and session guides trended toward design thinking, content strategy, and talent management and acquisition. All exciting to see getting some traction in this space.

Here’s to another 70 years of continued success and professional development!

See you next spring in Orlando.

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Chad Udell is the Managing Partner, strategy and new product development, at Float. There he leads his design and development teams to successful outcomes and award-winning work via a strong background in both disciplines and a singular focus on quality. He has worked with industry-leading Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to design and develop experiences for 20 years. Chad is recognized as an expert in mobile design and development, and he speaks regularly at national and international events and conferences on related topics. Chad is author of Learning Everywhere: How Mobile Content Strategies Are Transforming Training and co-editor and chapter author, with Gary Woodill, of Mastering Mobile Learning: Tips and Techniques for Success. His newest book, Shock of the New, co-authored with Gary Woodill was released in April of 2019.

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