Build Prototypes For Your Mobile Apps and Websites at #mLearnCon Workshop

Participants Will Learn More About Design Patterns In This Experiential Learning Session

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Two of Float’s mobile learning experts will be talking about design patterns as part of their mLearnCon certificate program, but don’t expect to do much behind a screen.

“We’re going to be looking at it from a completely analog perspective,” Jim Ferolo, Float’s director of UI and UX, told eLearning Guild Program Director David Kelly.

Pens, papers, and markers are all fair game during this one-day workshop.

What Will You Build In This Workshop?

You’ll be able to walk out with a sample prototype that can help you solve a real business challenge.

Participants will likely be coming with a background in designing eLearning for the desktop. They’ll build design patterns to not only help their eLearning get better, but to get used to the mobile world.

For example, Chad Udell, Float’s managing director, said that in the desktop world, people are used to relatively precise interactions with a mouse. With mobile, interactions may be less precise because of the size of our fingers, but we see the direct result of our gestures.

What’s The Difference Between Templates and Design Patterns?

Jim describes design patterns as “the most misunderstood idea.”

In short, templates are built in relatively absolute terms, while design patterns allow for more flexibility.

This program, he said, will help people understand how to build their own design patterns.

With regard to the difference between UX and UI, Chad boiled it down to just a few words.

“UI is how it looks,” he said. “And UX is how it feels.”

Join Jim and Chad at their mLearnCon pre-conference certificate program Creating User Interface and User Experience for Mobile Apps and Websites Monday, June 23, from 8:30-4:30.

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Adam Bockler is the communications manager for Float, responsible for all of Float's marketing initiatives. In addition, Adam is a certified DDP Yoga Level 1 instructor, a certified personal trainer, a martial arts instructor, and a graduate of the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy.

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