#mLearnCon: Mobile Is Not a Trend. It’s Real.

The Time Is Now To Adopt Mobile Learning

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mLearnCon this year is returning to its origins.

It premiered in San Diego, has been held in San Jose in the subsequent years, but this year will be back at the south end of the state.

I’ve been at every one, and from humble beginnings, have seen the conference grow in size and scope to be a rewarding experience not just for the pioneer, but for everyone who is recognizing the game change that is mobile.

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Over the course of the existence of mLearnCon, I have written mobile learning research reports for the Guild, two books on mLearning and a collection of articles, as well as having spoken and run workshops around the globe and consulted with organizations looking to break into or advance mobile.

And what is becoming clear is that mobile is not a trend!

Most technologies go through the Gartner hype cycle: an initial rush of excitement, increasing concerns, and a dieback, followed by a slower and more reasoned growth (for any technology offering real value).

Remember virtual worlds? Mobile is avoiding that, and I think that there’s one real reason. There is an overabundance of hype, but the underlying value is so strong that growth continues. When a little company like Google goes “mobile first” in 2010, there’s a strong reason to believe that something fundamental is happening.

So it’s time to recognize that mobile isn’t going to die back and regrow slowly. The usual strategy of waiting until the bubble bursts and then riding the real phoenix rising from the ashes just doesn’t make sense. As we titled the eLearning Guild Mobile Learning Research Report in 2012, “The Time Is Now.”

It is well past time to begin, and the opportunities are real.

I’m excited to be presenting a fundamentals workshop at mLearnCon: the mLearning 1010 certificate, a primer on mobile to get you going.

If you’re still on the fence, or eager to get going, this is the place to get started.

I hope to see you there!

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On June 10, 2014

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