20 Examples of Games or Gamification for Sales Training

Gartner: Most Gamified Applications Will Fail To Meet Business Objectives

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Games and gamification are hot trends in the world of mobile learning, with conferences presentations, books, articles and actual apps blossoming like flowers.

Gaming is a motivation for learning, by giving learners feedback, rewards, and motivation through competition. Mobile games have been used in businesses for onboarding, product training, refreshing knowledge learned previously, and an assessment of learning.

But, like with many new learning technologies, there is often a lot of hype in the early days of introducing major innovation, and the ramp-up in sales by vendors of related products is usually much slower than predicted. In the U.S., motivation in the workplace is a real problem, and, according to a Gallup poll, businesses lose up to $550 billion annually because of disengaged employees. Well-designed games and use of game elements (“gamification”), especially on mobile devices, may well be part of the solution to that problem. Less than two years ago, Gartner, the well-known consulting firm, made this prediction:

By 2015, 40 percent of Global 1000 organizations will use gamification as the primary mechanism to transform business operations. Diverse industry segments are already finding gamification effective … according to M2 Research, the worldwide market will grow from $242 million in 2012 to $2.8 billion in 2016, with enterprise gamification eclipsing consumer gamification in 2013.

But, just a month later, Gartner was hedging its bets, stating that “by 2014, 80% of current gamified applications do not meet business objectives, primarily because of poor design.”

Intrigued, I went searching for indicators that gamification was taking off in the corporate learning market, specifically for sales training.

I found little evidence that gamification and games for learning were being used yet or were a feature of many sales training tools.

For example, of the 54 sales enablement tools reviewed by Fergal Glynn in April of this year, only two even mentioned gamification features. Through digging, I could find 20 products that qualify as mobile gaming apps or platforms that may interest those wanting to be pioneers in this approach to training:

  1. Game On Learning’s MLevel Platform
  2. Glowdot.com’s internal training game built for Sonos built on their Time Management Game platform. Integrated mini-games offer sales training on Sonos products.
  3. Qstream’s mobile game-based sales enablement-platform
  4. CallidusCloud’s mobile platform
  5. Bloomfire
  6. Showpad
  7. Pakra Games’ sales simulations
  8. Serious Games International’s gamification platform
  9. Ringlead’s Dupe Drive
  10. S. P. Keasey Trading Company’s Ring My Bell app
  11. Bunchbell’s Nitro for Salesforce
  12. The Chatter Game by Salesforce Labs
  13. Real-time Leaderboard for Sales and Support Teams by Reptivity
  14. Hoopla — Motivate sales teams by Hoopla Software
  15. Gamivation: Gamified Training by TPA
  16. Engage: Gamification for Salesforce by  IActionable
  17. SuMo by CloudApps
  18. Badgeville for Salesforce by Badgeville
  19. Your Sales Motivation Engine by LevelEleven
  20. Xactly Incent Express by Xactly Corporation


I didn’t try out all these platforms, but if you are about to investigate sales training games and gamification tools, this list is a good starting point. And here are 7 Things About Sales Enablement You Need to Know.

At Float, we have expertise in the design of games for mobile learning. Please contact us if you need help in this area.

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Gary Woodill is a senior analyst with Float, as well as CEO of i5 Research. Gary conducts research and market analyses, as well as assessments and forecasting for emerging technologies. Gary is the co-editor of "Mastering Mobile Learning," author of “The Mobile Learning Edge,” and the co-author of “Training and Collaboration with Virtual Worlds.” He also presents at conferences and is the author of numerous articles and research reports on emerging learning technologies. Gary holds a doctor of education degree from the University of Toronto.

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3 Responses to 20 Examples of Games or Gamification for Sales Training

  1. AliceMWC says:

    I started hearing about Gamification at university about six years ago. It’s deffinitely the way to go around sales and I’m sure it will grow in the upcoming years

  2. Roz Bahrami says:

    There’s a lot of online training platforms that are including gamification as well to increase learner retention by making it more interactive and fun, I personally know many companies that are starting to implement it. Not sure how effective it really is for them but people are definitely going towards this new trend. Great post.

  3. There is a growing presence of software companies that are learning the value of gamification. Gamification really sucks them in, it really engages the end-user in ways that other things cannot. http://learnlikeaboss.com We understand that gamification is the pedagogical wave of the future.

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