Updates in Sandbox Web Browser 1.4 for iOS

3 Reasons Why Sandbox Will Help Your School Or Business

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If you just want to skip right to downloading, you can get the new Sandbox for iOS here. For more information, read on!

Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


With over 10 million units sold in just the first three days of availability, it’s no secret that Apple’s latest iPhones are immensely successful. Here at Float Mobile Learning, we’ve made sure that Sandbox is optimized for the latest iOS devices. Of course, this is mostly true thanks to…


Enhanced Browsing in iOS 8


iOS 8 supports WebKit for third-party applications. WebKit is the driving force behind mobile Safari, and this is the first time that the browsing engine Apple prefers has been available for other applications. Previously, WebKit use was limited for security reasons, but changes to memory management in iOS makes WebKit safe for apps not made by Apple.

What does this mean for you? Browsing at 60 frames per second, faster page loads, and support for the latest WebGL features. If you don’t have iOS 8, you can still use Sandbox, but you’ll have to use the older browser engine known as UIWebView. Most websites will be displayed normally in this engine, but it is slower, and won’t support websites that use WebGL, such as this WebGL water demo. Here it is in Sandbox for iOS 8:


But this same page won’t load in iOS 7. Most sites don’t require WebGL now, but as this high-performance technology becomes more commonplace, we can expect to see it in more and more places. If you’re interested in the “nerdy stuff,” we’ll be posting an article soon on how we handled configuring Sandbox to use WebKit in iOS 8 and UIWebView in iOS 7 without duplicating a lot of code.



Of course, Sandbox still offers a host of useful features, including:

  • Domain whitelisting
  • Bookmarks for quick website access
  • Custom messages for restricted pages
  • Reset to the home page after a specified time
  • Allow/disallow user editing of URL
  • Show/hide the iOS status bar
  • Show/hide navigation bar
  • Show/hide toolbar
  • Disable system sleep lock
  • Disable user input with all web content (Kiosk mode)

Does Sandbox sound like the configurable web browser you need for your kiosk, school, or children? Get the new Sandbox for iOS here or get the previous version for Android devices here. There’s also more information on Sandbox at the official site. If you have a question about Sandbox, contact us or sound off in the comments!

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