How Using Mobile Technology in Agriculture Benefits You

A Mobile Learning Case Study on Using Mobile to Maximize Results

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Growers have been able to optimize their harvest rates using mobile apps.

With the help of mobile technology in the field, growers have been able to get their crops to grow to an ideal size making it easier to harvest. Now crops were optimized for the soil type in which they were growing, resulting in maximum yield and more profit for the grower.

The problem growers were facing was determining which seed would be best for their situation. Since all soils are different, growers had a hard time knowing what seed would give them the greatest crop. Even the seed companies couldn’t help.

A custom planting rate estimator (found here for iOS) built for Pioneer, with a presence in over 90 countries worldwide, can be used literally in the field.

With this app, growers could find the optimal economic planting rate and estimate harvest population for maximum yield for a particular family of seeds. Growers can use the app to edit costs, save information, email to others, and print for later analysis.

See the full story with all the details by watching the video below.

With the rise of mobile device usage, mobile agriculture (also known as mAgriculture) has taken off in North America even though the concept of mAgriculture has been around for more than a decade in less developed parts of the world.

Our research has shown that 94 percent of farmers use mobile devices. Agriculture industry professionals benefit by being able to stay connected with others and with the industry.

In the past, we’ve shown how effective mobile devices can be with Pioneer and GROWMARK at various trade shows. Float senior analyst Dr. Gary Woodill, Ed.D., and Float managing director Chad Udell, produced three research reports regarding mobile agriculture and dozens of mAgriculture apps.

“Like many other businesses, agriculture is becoming an information-­intensive enterprise,” Gary and Chad write. “To understand how mobile agriculture should work, it is necessary to analyze the information needs of farmers and distributors of agricultural products.”

For more information on how mobile agriculture has changed, check out our mobile agriculture research.

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