Know Before You Fly: A Lesson in Flying Drones

Sales of Drones Soared This Holiday Season, But The Actual Devices Have Had Their Ups and Downs

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Everybody got a drone for Christmas, according to Popular Science.

Well, maybe not everybody. I didn’t.

But early estimates suggest lots of people did.

USA Today says that people spent more than more than $1 billion on drones for the holidays, a trend that was expected early on this holiday season.

The FAA saw it coming, too, producing a short video on proper safety procedures for these unmanned aircraft systems. The video explains the Dos and Don’ts of flying them, including that they can’t weigh more than 55 pounds. (Aside from drone safety, I also learned from the video that a 55-pound rabbit named Ralph exists.)

Despite the FAA’s best efforts (or maybe in spite of), the Internet has been abuzz with so-called “drone fails” since Christmas Day.

“People are unwrapping drones for Christmas and it’s not going so well,” says a headline from The Verge, complete with a collection of tweets, Vines and Instagrams of people unwrapping and failing miserably at flying their drones.

Specifically, it seems that dads have had particularly bad luck with drones lately, with Gizmodo going so far as to say that “dads with drones are ruining Christmas.”

Poor dads.

We have a number of conferences lined up for 2015 so far. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see me flying a drone through the expo hall at one of them.

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On December 30, 2014
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