Problems Faced By Heavy Equipment Operators Made Easier With Mobile Learning Applications

A Mobile Learning Case Study On How A Safety Checklist App Helped Employees

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Workers in the mining industry have improved their job performance thanks to mobile learning performance support.

“Some of the best examples of mobile learning I have seen are mobile learning, called mobile performance support,” says Jason Haag, a research analyst for ADL.

(Yes, mobile learning can be performance support.)

After receiving help from mobile learning technology, machine operators are now more capable of safely operating heavy equipment by reviewing what they had studied in courses they had taken earlier. They could get training on how to manage any piece of equipment new to them since their initial onboarding.

The operators can now learn how to operate every piece of equipment their company owned.

This video shows you how we developed this app:

Heavy equipment operators were forgetting how to use the equipment they were not using daily. These workers were also having trouble remembering every bit of safety training that came along with their piece of equipment.

A set of mobile apps created for the workers could help solve their problems regularly.

With the addition of these apps, workers operating heavy equipment had to review and mark a free checklist of safety and operating features based on their role before starting work each day.

Before a worker is allowed to operate a piece of equipment new to them, they had to review an interactive simulation of that piece of equipment.

This was all made possible by the animation of the app showing all the insides and outsides – a virtual 3-D walkaround – of all heavy equipment owned by the company.

Slowly but surely, the use of mobile is growing in the manufacturing and industrial industries.

Building a Mobile Business Mindset, a December 2013 InformationWeek report, looked into mobile development and developing mobile apps within different industries and companies. From 2012 to 2013, the use of the mobile in the manufacturing and industrial industries has increased three percent.

This trend was expected to follow this increase throughout 2014 with a focus on mobile commerce and mobile decision-making.

Mobile learning is more than employees just meeting standards. It should come down to them doing their jobs better.

To do this, apps like the one explained in the above video reinforce information for employees to have a complete understanding.

If you’d like Float to create a similar app for you, please contact us.

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On January 26, 2015
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