3 Reasons Why You Should Update to Sandbox Web Browser 2.0 for iOS

Mobile App Now Features MDM Support, Tiled Bookmarks, And Faster Browsing

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Sandbox 2.0 is now free on the App Store with some great new features including MDM support, tiled bookmarks, and faster browsing.

These changes are available for all iOS devices, and a version for Android is still available on Google Play.

If you’d like to learn more about the core features of Sandbox, take a look at our previous posts on the subject.

Key New Features in Sandbox 2.0

Tiled bookmarks from Sandbox

Sandbox is Free

As mentioned earlier, Sandbox is now free to download in the App Store. You’ll find that there are three features available in the app for $1 each. These are the Enhanced Mode, Kiosk Mode, and plist configuration features (all explained below).

Tiled Bookmarks

Bookmarks are now presented in a tiled format. The icons used for the bookmarks are being automatically pulled by the particular website for you.

Enhanced Mode

One of the big improvements in iOS 8 is the introduction of WKWebKit.

In short, this essentially means that Web browsers can run much faster on iOS 8 compared to older versions of iOS.

We’ve brought this faster browsing experience to the users of Sandbox through an in-app purchase.

If you’d like a more technical explanation of WKWebKit, check out these blogs written by two of our developers, Eric in Swift and Steve in Objective-C.

Other New Features

Strict URL Filtering – By default, Web pages are allowed to load content from other websites (such as an embedded video from YouTube or an image). Enabling this option will only enable Web pages to load data from whitelisted websites.

Share Toggling – The accessibility of the “share” options are now under your control. You can decide whether users have the ability to share their content (via email or print) with this new feature.

MDM Support – If you’re interested in using Sandbox with your MDM, let us know!

Does Sandbox look like the configurable Web browser that you need for your home, classroom, kiosk or business?

You can find Sandbox 2.0 for iOS in the App Store.

Check out Float’s official website for Sandbox for more information.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us.

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