Press Release: CHAMPIONS – A Framework for Improving Worker Performance Through Emerging Technology

Float and Qualcomm Learning Center Guide Organizations To Maximize Employee Productivity

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Peoria, Ill. — Float and Qualcomm Learning Center today released CHAMPIONS, a framework that allows organizations to leverage the unique capabilities of digital technologies to improve human performance.

CHAMPIONS - from Float and Qualcomm Learning Center

“CHAMPIONS encourages organizations to embrace technologies to achieve results in ways not previously possible for their workers,” said Chad Udell, managing director of Float and co-author of the framework. “It is a shift in thinking for enterprise-level organizations interested in maximizing workplace performance.”

The framework is designed to be flexible and adaptable as new technologies enter the marketplace. It provides a path to integrate new technologies with enterprise systems that are replicable and scalable.

“Organizations are struggling to solve tomorrow’s learning challenges with yesterday’s tools,” said Geoff Stead, co-author and senior director of mobile learning at Qualcomm. “The CHAMPIONS framework introduces new technologies to reach new learners, in new ways.”

For example, retail associates could use a mix of these technologies to offer more engaging and efficient experiences for customers.

“The associates could provide personalized and contextualized information based on a customer’s location, interests, previous experience, level of training, and/or elements in the environment,” said Dr. Gary Woodill, Float’s senior analyst and CHAMPIONS co-author. “This will result in better performance because the information received is tailored to the customer’s context in real time, wherever they are located.”

CHAMPIONS consists of nine independent clusters that together can enhance the effectiveness of an organization.

The clusters outlined in the framework are:

  • Contextual Deliver information that meets a learner’s actual, specific, and immediate needs.
  • High-speedImprove content delivery to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of the workday.
  • Ambient Give employees what they need without them asking for it, before they may even know they need it.
  • Mobile Reach workers who are constantly connected with their devices with utilities to augment their skills.
  • Personal Support individualized learning and information access with customized content for and by each employee.
  • Interactive Enhance the relationship between audience and content, allowing them to explore, experiment, and construct new ways of understanding.
  • Open Make information freely available to everyone who needs it by enabling content and data transparency.
  • Networked Share resources, software, and information for unprecedented connectivity and interaction between devices and data, algorithms and systems.
  • Social – Introduce new opportunities to connect and collaborate with and learn from a wide range of people.

For more information, visit to download the CHAMPIONS starter kit. The kit includes the CHAMPIONS framework (68-page PDF), a self-assessment guide, and an infographic overview to help you get started.

Download the CHAMPIONS Starter Kit


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