5 Rapid-Fire Tips For Effective Mobile Learning Development

How You Can Stay Effective And Relevant Amidst Constant Change

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The world of mobile content delivery is changing at a dramatic pace. The deliverables are less likely to be linear 30-screen eLearning modules and more apt to be bite-sized pieces of targeted information: meet a user’s need and then get out of the way. The technology’s changing, the developer/designer role is changing, the content is changing, and the audience’s context differs from one experience to the next.

How does a learning professional stay effective and relevant in the face of all of this change? Maybe some Rapid-Fire tips will help.

The following list contains just a few of my tips, which I’ve shared at several conferences this past year, including mLearnCon and Online Learning Conference. Implement all of these tips, and you’ll learn and grow in your mobile learning skills.

1. Live The Mobile Life

Be bold and do things with the mobile device you have never done before.

  • Board a plane with no paper boarding pass.
  • Build a presentation using only your smartphone.
  • Pay for something using Apple Pay or another mobile payment system.
  • Write and edit a song on your tablet.

You get the picture. Stretch the limits of your mobile device knowledge.

2. You’re Just My Prototype

Build a mobile prototype using a software solution like InVision or POP and deliver your first mobile “app.” All you need to know how to do is sketch out some ideas. And it’s free. Get a feel for user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, and share your ideas with team members.

3. Less is More

Think about delivering information in new and different ways. Your background in making your content more “engaging” and more “immersive” needs to get out of the way. Instead, deliver a simple and seamless UX so your users can get what they need at the time of need.

4. An Interface That Is Not In-Your-Face

Speaking of simple that’s what a mobile UI needs to be. Have you bailed on an app because its interface was cluttered and confusing? Simple and intuitive wins the day. You can learn more about UI design at any OS interface guidelines website, such as Apple and Android.

5. Empathy is the Best Policy

Your audience is your most important stakeholder. You need to know all you can about how they consume information on mobile devices. Also, what is the context in which they will most likely interact with your app? What kinds of habits and expectations do they have for mobile content delivery?

Learn about the discipline of user-centered design. One of our favorite books on the subject is, “User-Centered Design,” by Travis Lowdermilk, an O’Reilly book.

These were just five of the Rapid-Fire Tips that have started lots of discussion amongst conference attendees this year. In fact, the session has become a metaphor for effective mobile delivery – small bits of information that provoked interaction from the audience. That’s one tip – Make your Audience Participants, Not Just Recipients. Bonus tip!

The rapid-fire mLearning mLearnCon 2015_pdf version from Scott McCormick

What are Rapid-Fire tips you have learned about mobile? Leave your tips or reactions to my tips in the comments section and share your expertise with everyone.

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Scott McCormick is a founding partner of Float. Building on more than 30 years of experience in training, eLearning, and mLearning efforts for Fortune 500 companies, Scott helps companies embrace new learning strategies and deliver results. Scott is in charge of client relationships with global leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and insurance, and is instrumental in building new business and contributing to Float’s thought leadership efforts. Scott is featured in Float’s latest book, “Mastering Mobile Learning,” available from Wiley and ASTD Press.

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On October 12, 2015
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3 Responses to 5 Rapid-Fire Tips For Effective Mobile Learning Development

  1. Hi Scott,

    I found very interesting your post, I’ll take on all the latest tips you give us “Make your Audience Participants, Not Just Recipients”, I think that’s the basic for a correct strategy in this rapidly changing world.

    Thank you very much for the post , I loved it .

  2. Great post Scott, I am already fan of mobile learning and you introduced me to some new things. I will definitely try them. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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