The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Mobility in 2016

Who You Should Be Following In 2016, And Why

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One of today’s hottest trends in business is the movement towards enterprise mobility, through the use of smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. For many executives, this means mastering a new learning curve on the different ways that these new technologies can help with business objectives, and on the risks involved in not keeping up with the competition in this area.

We at Float are an enterprise mobility services company in the Midwest, and we are pleased to offer you this resource guide as a starting point in your journey to see if moving toward enterprise mobility solutions is the right strategy for your organization. From initial vision through development and implementation of specific mobile technologies, we can be your partner in this journey. Please call us at 309-263-2492 or send us an email.

This resource guide is a survey of the main organizations and players in the enterprise mobility field, with the aim of providing you with links to more information. The categories covered are:

  • Alliances and Associations
  • Awards
  • Blogs
  • Conferences
  • Education and Training
  • Publications
  • Social Media

If you find a resource missing in this document, or have suggested changes, please send information to Float’s communications manager, Adam Bockler.

Alliances and Associations

Enterprise mobility is such a new field that there are only a few alliances and associations that have been formed to date. Alliances are usually consortiums of companies in different countries who work together to provide services across national borders. Associations are member-driven organizations that work to promote the objectives of the members and provide services such as conferences and webinars.

Here are the major alliances and associations for enterprise mobility that exist in early 2016: 

Device Management Forum – The Device Management Forum (DMF) brings together major stakeholders in the mobile device ecosystem to share knowledge, promote best practice and facilitate more efficient and effective use of devices and the services and applications supported by devices. While discussions of enterprise mobility are part of this group, it is broader than that covering home use of mobile devices, and the Internet of Things.

Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance – The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA) is an independent joint venture providing enterprise mobility managed services for multinational organisations. Made up of a group of the world’s leading enterprise mobility service organizations (one company per country), GEMA offers global services through in-country experts with local language and time zone services for the deployment, support, and management of the global mobile workforce.

Global Platform – Global Platform is a non-profit, member driven association which defines and develops specifications to facilitate the secure deployment and management of multiple applications on secure chip technology. Global Platform’s Mobile Task Force evaluates the business and technical requirements of the secure mobile services ecosystem and ensures an agreed and workable application management infrastructure is established.

Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA) – In 1982, the Groupe Speciale Mobile (GSM) was formed by the Confederation of European Posts and Telecommunications to design pan-European mobile technology. In 1989, the organization defined the GSM standard as the internationally accepted digital cellular telephony standard. It is a large organization that sponsors the Mobile World Congress and the Global Mobile Awards held annually in Barcelona, Spain.

Mobile Marketing Association – The MMA is the world’s leading global non-profit trade association for mobile marketing comprised of more than 800 member companies, from nearly fifty countries around the world. The MMA’s mission is to accelerate the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile, driving business growth with closer and stronger consumer engagement. It has an annual conference, and provides educational materials and research documents on mobile marketing.

Technology Expense Management Industry Association – Members bring over $61 billion of expenses under management including telecom, wireless and mobile device management.

Wi-Fi Alliance – The Wi-Fi Alliance is the worldwide network of companies that provides Wi-Fi. In 1999, several visionary companies came together to form a global non-profit association with the goal of driving the best user experience with a new wireless networking technology – regardless of brand. Today, about 600 Wi-Fi Alliance member companies from dozens of countries take part in the alliance.


Awards for the best use of mobile technologies are often a feature of more general award programs such as for education and training, or business technologies. However, there are few awards programs that are specific to the use of mobile technologies and business. These are:


Many enterprise mobility vendors have blogs to support their marketing efforts. As well, there are few enterprise mobility blogs that are independent of a specific vendor. The selection that follows are blogs that offer rich resources for learning about and keeping up with the enterprise mobility field.


Conferences are great way to learn about a new field such as enterprise mobility. Some conferences are by invitation only while others are open to those who can pay the conference fees. Conferences on enterprise mobility available in 2016 are:

AFCEA Mobile Technology Summit – January 21, 2016 | Washington, D.C.

Attracting 400+ government, military and industry leaders, the event focused on “ROI for Mobile Insertion into the DoD Enterprise” and will explore the implementation, security, management and deployment of mobile devices, applications, sensors and infrastructure.

(Editor’s note: We know this happened last month, but we wanted to include it here in case you wanted to put it on your calendar for next year.)

Mobile World Congress – February 22-25, 2016 | Barcelona, Spain

Mobile World Congress includes a world-class conference featuring visionary keynotes and thought-provoking panel discussions; an exhibition with more than 2,000 companies displaying the cutting-edge products and technologies that define the future of mobile; the world’s best opportunity for mobile industry networking; and the annual Global Mobile Awards ceremony, which recognises the most innovative mobile solutions and initiatives from around the world.

ATARC Federal Mobile Computing Summit – March 3, 2016 | Washington, D.C.

ATARC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides a collaborative forum for government, academia and industry to resolve emerging technology challenges. ATARC also introduces innovative technology from academic research labs to the Federal government and private industry.

Enterprise Mobility Show Africa – March 1-2, 2016 | Johannesburg, South Africa

This show features presentations on mobility strategies and innovation for banks, retailers and partners.

Enterprise Connect – March 7-10, 2016 | Orlando, FL

Enterprise Connect’s expert-led conference program will discuss the latest systems, software, services and applications for enterprise communications and collaboration. The 4-day conference is designed with one objective in mind: to help you maximize your investments in communications and collaboration systems, software and services.

Mobile Innovation Summit – March 10-11, 2016 | New York, NY

The Mobile Innovation Summit is the most important on the calendar for those looking to utilize new technologies and digital capabilities within their mobile team, whilst learning how to implement an effective platform strategy.

MobileTECH 2016 – March 30-31, 2016 | Rotorua, New Zealand

MobileTECH covers the key developments on improving communication networks, the use of cloud computing, wireless monitoring, data management, enhanced quality satellite imagery, mobile computing, UAVs, robotics and automation.

M6 Mobility Exchange – May 22-24, 2016 | Scottsdale, AZ

M6 is an invitation-only, hosted summit designed for senior managers and business executives who want to understand how current and future mobile technology and trends will impact their business and investment decisions. M6 will offer strategic level insights into how these investments will improve workforce productivity, operational efficiency, customer experience and service.

IDC Enterprise Mobility Conference – June 9, 2016 | London, UK

IDC’s Enterprise Mobility Conference features presentations, analyst engagement, real-world case studies, and access to leading enterprise mobility solution providers.

Mobile Marketing Association CEO & CMO Summit – July 24-26, 2016 | Sonoma, California

This year’s MMA CEO & CMO Summit, the annual think tank for the mobile industry’s top influencers, leaders and decision makers, will showcase the importance and role of the C-suite in reaching mobile maturity. The MMA CEO & CMO Summit is an exclusive, invitation only event.

Enterprise Mobility Exchanges – need to request an invitation (Various Locations and Dates)

The M-Enterprise Summit is an invitation-only, hosted summit designed for senior managers and business executives who want to understand how current and future mobile technology and trends will impact their business and investment decisions.  M-Enterprise Summit offers insights into how investments in mobile will improve workforce productivity, operational efficiency, customer experience and service.

Education and Training

There are no post-secondary programs for specific education and training for enterprise mobility, but many vendors offer training courses for their specific platforms, and a number of third-party companies also offer training courses for particular systems. Here are some of the educational offerings that are available:


There are a few books on enterprise mobility, although most are already dated, if they are more than 3-4 years old. That is a reflection of how fast this field has been changing. In addition to books, there are a few newsletters that are available online on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Additionally, a few vendors have published white papers on enterprise mobility. Here is what is available in early 2016:

Research Sources

Do you need statistics on enterprise mobility, or a review of trends in this field? Here are some great sources of research data:

Social Media

Your peers on social media can be a great way to learn about the latest news and trends in enterprise mobility. Here are two groups and about 20 people to follow.

LinkedIn Group

Strategic Enterprise Mobility

Google Plus

Mobile Enterprise Strategies

Twitter Feeds

To make it easier and more convenient for you to follow these accounts, Float has curated 3 public lists on Twitter that include some of the people and companies listed throughout this entire guide.

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility Blogs

Enterprise Mobility Training

I hope that you have found this information to be useful, and look forward to hearing your feedback on what you believe 2016 has in store for us. In the mobile enterprise, there is a lot to learn, a lot to do, and there is always more to be discovered.

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