Vision Summit 2016 Recap: Slides and Video on Enterprise-Grade Augmented Reality

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Last week, Float’s very own software engineer and wearable expert Steve Richey traveled to California for the Unity Vision Summit. The event drew a sizable crowd, with notable names such Oculus founder Palmer Luckey in attendance. 

The focus of Vision Summit 2016 was largely on how different developers have incorporated the Unity engine into applications, wearables, and video games that use augmented or virtual reality. There was also a Vision Showcase within the event where exhibits included new projects in the form of creative tools, entertainment, social applications, art projects, architecture and educational programs.

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Steve’s speaking session, Enterprise-Grade Augmented Reality for Operational Environments, detailed Float’s work for the United States government. He explained how we developed augmented reality software with the Unity engine. He also included information on the build process, showing how he worked with our team to test the software on various types of smart glasses, and develop an intuitive UI that works in real time. He often tested this software in real environments, including our office.

In a sea of developers who have largely used the Unity engine for making video games, Float has created applications that are an extension of what augmented reality are really capable of outside of entertainment. While trying to make our applications, we ran into obstacles that were, at the time, not typical of AR development because of the scope of our project.

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However, we built software that could perform multiple functions simultaneously, thus setting the bar a bit higher for the enterprise altogether. Most of the features that are in this project, such as Bluetooth, text detection, facial recognition, and location-based services, were made possible or more achievable by using the Unity engine in a way that has not been widely done before now.

You can watch Steve’s presentation video and view his slides below:

Enterprise-Grade Augmented Reality for Operational Environments from Float


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