Infographic: The TAO of Enterprise Mobility

3 Key Ingredients That You Need To Implement Your Next Mobile Strategy

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Last week, our friends at mrc’s Cup of Joe blog unveiled Float’s latest infographic called The TAO Of Enterprise Mobility.  This graphic acts as a visual companion to our three-part white paper series of the same name. From top to bottom, we learn how how mobile devices act as “Trojan horses” for more than 30 discrete technologies. Many of these are still being used today despite being discovered more than 100 years ago, showing just how timeless they really are.  

The word “tao” is a Chinese concept that means “the way.” Our interpretation of this term represents the way of the mobile enterprise: the technologies that we use, the affordances that these technologies have, and the organizational change that happens when technologies and affordances open up new possibilities for our workers. Combined, each of these ideas helps to establish balance in the mobile space.

Each mobile app – no matter how expensive, or innovative,or shiny – stems from the implementation of an affordance. And it is here where we start our journey to a successful mobile strategy. 

This infographic highlights the 3 major components of a successful mobile strategy, brought together as the TAO of Enterprise Mobility.

For a more in depth analysis of the TAO of Enterprise Mobility, head over to Learning Solutions Magazine. You will find Float Managing Director Chad Udell’s interview with Bill Brandon about the importance of the TAO and how businesses can leverage this knowledge.

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On April 19, 2016
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